California Is On Fire

Wildfires are spreading throughout California


Photo Cuortesy of Debra Olson

Hezekiah Lubas, Journalist

There has been Fires in California in the past and there are 20  Currently going on. One in Anaheim, one in San Luis obispo, seven in Santa Rosa, one Near Geyserville, one in clear lake oaks, one in El Dorado Forest, one in West point, one in Redwood Valley, two in Grass Valley, and four near Chico, and one near Burbank.

Burbank, near Los Angeles, had victims on Friday, September 1st. It scorched 3,000 acres of land and some homes. The northside was evacuated to different evacuation centers.

They had to close a major highway, Highway 210,. The firefighters (Los Angeles and Burbank) had to use night vision goggles to conduct water runs over the fires at night. According to the firefighters said it started at 1:25 P.M.

The “water” the fire fighters have to drop on the fire is called Foscheck. It is made up of 85% water, 10% fertilizer, and 5% iron oxide for color or clay and bentonite.

All evacuees In the area were directed to McCambridge park. An additional evacuation center was established at Verdugo Hills High.

40 people were victims of the fire. So far, more than half of the deaths were in Sonoma County. That exceeds the toll from the deadliest fire in California in 1933, at Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

Containment is increasing every day, according to the fire department.

Firefighter crews consisted of 880 fire engines, 134 bulldozers, 224 hand crews, 138 water tenders, and 14 helicopters. Locals have been urged to avoid trying to help the cleanup so they don’t breathe in toxins . The County Public Health Director declared a local emergency in order to bring in more resources to remove toxic chemicals and burnt remnants of homes and cars.

The National guard was called to come and help officials close down roads. They also helped evacuees get to safe places.