Cheaters in our Midst

Survey shows 1/3 of students cheat using electronics.


Students use smartphones to cheat on tests

Ashlee Farriggia, Journalist

A Santa Clara- based survey has recently revealed that nearly 1/3 of high school students have cheated on tests using electronics. Because of the proliferation of electronics, cheating has become more prevalent.

This study was based on 3,902 students with ages ranging from 14-18 and 1,201 students were from the U.S. The rest of the students were from Australia Canada and the U.K.

According to students, it’s easy to take a pictures of the notes while reviewing and then pull their phone out during the test.

Mr. Dabrowski, PVHS Math Teacher, said that cheating is extremely prevalent at this school.

Another detail the survey uncovered was that 75% of the parents responding to the survey agree that cell phone cheating happens at their children’s school, but only 3% believe that their own teen is using an electronic device to cheat.

“Parents will always believe their own kid, even when they are wrong,” Mr. Dabrowski said.

Although only 29% admitted to cheating with an electronic device, 62% know of friends that have used a cellphone to cheat. (

An effective solution to cheating is to prevent it before it happens, Mr. Dabrowski recommends being aware of the signs. “It’s a gray area because you have to be careful not to accuse anyone [of cheating].”  

One more thing that teachers should focus on is the punishment for cheating. The number of students that cheat could be reduced if the punishments for cheating were strict. Mr. Dabrowski takes their best grade and divides it by two.This gives the students a chance to realize what they have done wrong without completely ruining their grade.