Mesquite Winter Series

Bayn Lobato, Journalist

  Mesquite Winter Motocross series is coming upon us fast this year November 23-26. This year has many more features that are better than last year, and the best thing you can start doing right now is prep your bike. This event started as a family event and has passed from several different families for over 15 years. The event starts November 23 at 10am.

  For your own sake, get your bike ready, check the suspension and dial it in, new tires, full tank of gas, and last, but not least, a new air filter. Trust me when I say dial in your bikes because the track has a new owner with so many new additions.

  The new track owner, Jason Shaw, will be running the show this season. Shaw is a local in Mesquite that has been riding the track for years. This will be the 18th year that this track will be holding this event. It is not a unknown event either there should be around 15,000 people attending

  Shaw said “The Winter Nationals is not the only big event they are hosting.”

   “We will have the Spartan Race which brings in about 17,000 people, We have the Light Festival, and last but not least we have the World Minis race which is a top 5 race in the country.” But none of these races are very far away.

  Winter nationals series starts on November 23-26, and there will be open practice before the races 8AM until 10AM ( November 23). You can register when you get there for the coast of $55 for 1st class, $50 for 2nd class, and $45 for 3rd class.

   Register online to save time and money! For 1st class registration it is $40.2nd class registration $35, for 3rd class registration $30. After everyone is registered they will announce the prizes.

   Each class will have a 200% pro payback for the winners, and there will also be added money. For registration, you also have the choice if you would like a reserved spot for you and your riders.You can make a track reservation so that no one can park where you would like to.

  You can reserve a spot right by one of the new track sections.The only catch is that it does cost money but not to much money.

  The new track sections! This year Shaw has changed and added so much to this track, and he just keeps making it better and better. The berms are a little longer, the jumps are bigger, and they are more tricky ways around the track than there has been in a while.

  Shaw will be running amateur nationals classes, and they anticapate to have full gates in each

class and race. All of the electoral spots are already sold out. Electoral spots allow travel beyond the barrier, but however the races won’t be the only thing that will be going on that night.

  There is everything from pitbike races to face painting. There is always something for the kids to do besides sit and watch every race.

   There will be a bouncy house. The pitbike races will be on the a smaller track that is for small kids so they don’t have to go around the big track and have to try to hit the bigger jumps.

  The Go-Kart Dash for Cash is something everyone loves to do. It doesn’t cost much and

the kids love it, and everyone knows parents love seeing their kids smile.

  Towards the end of the day, for each day there, will be a Pro Action Suspension show.

The metal kicker ramps will be out the smallest jump they will hit is a 45 footer. They will be doing freestyle which means they will be trying to do a tricks.

  A fundraiser will be held for a man named Jamie Oakley. He is the type of individual that will do anything for anyone, a man that held two jobs for his family and kept a roof over their head. Four years after he married, he started dealing with severe back pains which led to surgery on his back and leg he now has lost his leg. and now his son has be diagnosed with epileptiz seizures and they can’t quite pay for all the bills, you can fund him @ or you could give him and his son yours prayers, please do.

  Shaw will be the new track owner and will also be his first time hosting this Winter Series so let’s hope for the best. Cole Blecha is the winner of last years winter series, but with all these new changes, we’ll be waiting to see if he can do it again.