Substitute by day, Ghost Investigator by night

Katerina St. Claire has some unique talents on top of her normal career


Katerina St.Claire

Emily Roberts, Journalist

A Huffington Post article states that “ 41% of Americans believe that they have seen a ghost in their lifetime.” Katerina St. Claire, a substitute at Pahrump Valley High School, has experienced this as well.

  Even though she substitutes, that is not the only occupation she enjoys; St. Claire is also a  ghost investigator, empath, psychic, and medium.

  St. Claire says she was introduced to the paranormal at a very young age. When she was three, she was in bed crying under her sheets. She felt someone sit on the bed and pat her arm to comfort her; however, she peeked her head out of the sheets and did not see anyone.

  That experience sparked the beginning of her paranormal career. St. Claire is a unique ghost investigator. She can also feel and communicate the ghosts and understand why the ghosts are on Earth,  helping the ghosts move on into their next life.

  When St. Claire was 21, she had a stroke. When she was collapsing on the floor, she “followed a dark tunnel to a light and a being told [her] that [she] was not ready to die and had a purpose.” That purpose was to help ghosts move on and relieve contention with dead relatives to living ones (commonly known as a medium).

  St. Claire has helped countless people restore connections with their ancestors through her communication beyond the living. To keep in tune with the paranormal individuals, she has studied with a shaman for two years and she often meditates.

  She is not the only one that loves to investigate ghosts. She is a participant in a group named, “Desert Spirit Seekers.” They have visited the haunted hotel in Goldfield, Nevada and numerous graveyards where they have found many ghosts and paranormal activity at these sites.

 St. Claire testifies that ghosts are not just a figment of imagination or just a common theme in a scary movie. When I asked  St. Claire for some closing advice for us, she said,”Stay away from messing with dark spirits, because it can get you in deep trouble.”