Ashes to Ashes

Give Me Silence, Water, Hope Give Me Struggle, Iron, Volcanoes. -Neruda (Chilean poet, diplomat, and politician of Mid 1900’s)

The steaming bright blue springs of Yellowstone, taken in May 2016, in Yellowstone National.

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The steaming bright blue springs of Yellowstone, taken in May 2016, in Yellowstone National.

Alyssa Greenway, Journalist

 In Wyoming, the last lava flow was approximately 70,000 years ago in Yellowstone National Park. The first eruption of this super volcano was 2.1 million years ago, and the second was 613,000 years ago.

  Scientist believe that this super volcano is on the verge of its next eruption. They have predicted that this will happen within the next ten years.

  This super volcano should be taken seriously because the eruption is equivalent to 100,000 Hiroshima nuclear bombs. The ash from the volcano is said to spread throughout the U.S. killing almost everything and everyone, with very few surviving.

  Typically, the ash from this volcano would  kill people with lung problems like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and many other breathing-related issues, causing most of the population to die with experts saying there will be 90,000 immediate deaths.

 Earth Science teacher, Mr. Aroni, said “Ten years is an extremely short time on the geological scale, so a prediction with that short of notice must be evaluating the surface with circumstances that allows for an eruption immediately being they are testing it” causing nationwide panic with a short notice of a natural disaster.

  Yellowstone Caldera wouldn’t kill everyone, but it certainly would make the world harder to live for people. It would damaged buildings, smother crops, and shut down power plants.   

  Super volcanoes have the power to spew more than 1,000 cubic kilometers of debris and hot ash into the air, which can cause catastrophic consequences, including changes to global climate and agricultural devastation.

  There isn’t a way for people to get out of this threat because it’ll spread around. The most people can do is to keep their sanity and hope for the best. They could also get mask that were able to retract the bad chemicals in the air so they are able to breath.

  Death is the biggest fear for most, and prophecies, shootings, catastrophes and super volcanoes have been the talk around the world putting people into a panic. This is during a time when nations need to stick together and fight hard to keep humanity alive.