It vs. It

It vs. It

Kenya Vanderbeak, Journalist

   It is a terrifying movie based of Stephen King’s 1986 novel. It tells a frightening story of seven children Ben, Beverly, Richie, Stanley, Eddie, and Mike who are terrorized by an ancient transdimensional evil entity taking the form of your worse nightmare. In the town of Derry, Maine children begin disappearing and it’s up to the group of bullied children to face the “Eater of Worlds”. Directed by Andy Muschietti. King is also the author of “Children of the corn”, “The Green Mile”, “The Mist”, and many other grim stories and novels.

   The 1990 movie was a major contributing factor in the mass hysteria fear of clowns when it was released. The scientific name for the fear of clowns is “Coulrophobia”, which is when people become shaken and traumatized at the sight or even the mere thought of clowns. Symptoms are sweating, nausea, feeling of dread, accelerated heartbeat, rapid breathing, crying, and screaming.

   Mr. Paxton, a math teacher at PVHS, said about the 1990 version, “Tim Curry [Pennywise] did a really good job at portraying a nice character who was truly evil at heart”. Pennywise is the name of the evil entity. He said it followed the novel very closely and would give it a 8 on a scale 1 to 10. 

   Mr. Paxton said about 1990 version, “Even though It is an old movie, it was was very good for its time. It was authentic and well made. Pennywise is one of the scariest characters ever created in my opinion. I loved the book so I had to see the movie.”

   Jaden Wood, 10th grader at PVHS, said about the 1990 version,  “When you compare the old Pennywise with the new one, he is childish looking and he isn’t as realistic.” About the new movie he said, “I really enjoyed the new movie. I went and saw it because of all the hype about it.” With the new graphics equipment that are available today has given directors many more opportunities to create amazing movies.

   The new It brought in an estimated $123 million dollars. Both are recommended for how terrifying they are and their authentic feel.