The Haunting of Europes Castles

Edibray Schlamp, Journalism

Bran Castle, located in Romania. Photo credit goes to Alina Grigoras

Europe has some of the most beautiful castles from the Medieval Age. It shows the history of how people were living during medieval times. But behind every castle is a terrifying and brutal story.

Bran Castle is known as the world’s most haunted castle. Commonly known as “Dracula’s Castle,” located in Romania has the world’s most bloodiest history.

It is said to be a castle of Vlad, better known as Dracula. He would impale thousands of people in his cellar or would torture them to death due to his anger towards the assassination of his father and the torturing of his brother.

Other reports claim that in the same after Queen Marie death, the last Queen of Romania, she had her heart removed from her body and placed in a gold casket and buried in Balcic which is located in the Black Sea coastal town and seaside resort in the Southern Dobruja. Many say that she can be seen walking around the castle with an open chest, described as a reddish, white figure.

Dragsholm Castle is located in Denmark. It was originally built in 1215 by the Bishop of Roskilde but rebuilt in 1694 by Fredrick Christain Acelcer. Dragsholm Castle has reports of over a hundred ghosts from the murders.

Legend has it that two of these spirits demand attention; these ghosts are known as the White Lady and the Earl of Bothwell

Dragsholm Castle, located in Denmark. Photo credit goes to Andrew Harper

One sighting of paranormal activity is the White Lady. She is a young girl who fell in love with a commoner who was working in the castle. Later, her father found out about the lovers a

nd demanded her to be locked up in her room as a prisoner, never to be seen again. In the early 20th century, a group of workers tore down some old walls in the castle and people found a small skeleton wearing a white dress.

To this day, people report that a young girl wearing a white dress roams the corridors. She is said to be heard crying in her room where she was held prisoner.

The second sighting that was reported was the Earl of Bothwell or better known as James Hepburn, the High Lord Admiral of Scotland. Reports say that he is seen riding his horse around the castle, guarding it. Other people claim to hear the sounds of horses galloping outside the castle and sometimes in the courtyard.

Leap Castle is located in Ireland and it has a brutal and bloody history.

The story goes that this woman was imprisoned by the O’Carroll’s, a clan of the castle, and she was beaten and repeatedly raped. She then gave birth to a child but it was killed by the O’Carroll’s. Desperate to end her suffering from the loss of her child, she decided to kill herself with a knife.

Leap Castle, located in Ireland. Photo credit goes to Sinead Murphy.

Other reports include a different girl who had passed away from falling to her death. She is known as Emily.

Emily died at the age of 11 after falling from the castles south eastern battlements. She is then seen falling from the castles roof and disappearing before hitting the floor. Others say that screams from a little girl can be heard from within the castle, which is said to be the ghost of Emily falling to her death.Witnesses reported seeing Emily playing in the main hall and running up the stairwell at random times during the day.

In Oxford Castle in England, people have seen a ghostly woman lurking the hallways, following people. Workers also reported feeling strange and the feeling of being watched or followed at night and day.

Other reports include the shadowed figures walking the hallways of the prison, loud thumping sounds from the padded cell, shuffling noises and rocks being violently thrown.

Ghost figure capture by security camera in Oxford Castle. Photo credit goes to Terry Larch

A guard reported seeing a black shadow figure following them, frightening both his dog and himself. Sadly, the dog died, frightened to death as stated by Ghost Hunts, in Oxford England.

Ghost Hunt is a show that gives tours of haunted places around the world and hunt for ghosts.

Frankenstein castle in Germany is a story about the original Frankenstein family and the alchemist.

Legend says that Dr. Frankenstein traveled to meet Anne Marie, his true love. On his way all of his family sadly passed away due to an chariot accident. He died instantly and was never to see Anne Marie again. Later, Anne Marie found out about the incident and died from a broken heart.

Today, she is still waiting in the castle for him to show up. Both the ghost of Knight Frankenstein and Anna Marie are still seen at the castle today, looking for each other in the darkness, trying to reconnect.

After the original Frankenstein family died, a man by the name Konrad Dipple von Frankenstein took the residence in the castle. Konrad was an alchemist and grave robber, experimented with dead body parts, and blood of virgins, and animal parts to make his potions, and resurrect the dead.

Photo of Frankenstein Castle, located in Germany.
Photo credit goes to Pascal Rehfeldt

The people of the town found out of the creation and were afraid, and began to believe that Konrad was the blood brother of the devil. They eventually stormed the castle in attempt to kill von Frankenstein.

While barricaded in the castle, afraid of being killed, he decided to drink his own potion, committing suicide in his laboratory. However, the monster of Frankenstein is believed to have escaped into the woods looking for playmates, and the blood of virgins keeps him alive.

These Castles still have these reports of paranormal activity and today they provide tours in the castles to show the popular rooms where it all begins.