Girls Soccer Goes to State


Destany Ivy, Journalist

    After having to forfeit all games for last year’s soccer season, girls soccer came back wanting revenge, and that’s exactly what they achieved. This season the varsity girls ended the season with a total of sixteen wins, four losses, and three ties according to Nevada Preps, the site where all stats are posted.

   On October 25th, Girls Soccer won the Sunset League. This game took place at our field with a tie 0-0 against Sunrise Mountain. This game placed them in first for the league.

  During playoffs, the girls played a total of three intense games, winning two out of three. The last game was a loss against Sunrise, sending the Trojans to state with second place for playoffs.

    Coach Julie Carrington said, “I was extremely excited for the girls to go to state especially after the disappointing end last year. They worked very hard, played together as a team, and are extremely talented!”

A cold but happy group huddle of the girls soccer team before their final game at the State Championships.

  This year was different from all the rest. Since 2013, this is the first time girls soccer made it to state.

  The start of the state tournament began November 10th in Sparks, Nevada. Their game was against Truckee High School. Senior Vaniah Vitto scored a goal in the last two minutes of the game, sending them into overtime.

   After a tough half, the neck-and-neck game carried into the second overtime, and our Lady Trojans lost to a score of 2-1, sending Truckee to win state.

  Kathy Niles, Senior Co-Captain (with Kailtyn Carrington) says, “It was truly memorable to go to state as a senior, to actually experience the change in our program, changing for the better.” 

    Sparks gave the girls something they were not prepared for–harsh weather and higher altitudes. It impacted the girls but they did not let that stop them.

   The only problem the girls struggled with was having an injured player off the field. Beatrice Favella was injured from a concussion. “I am proud that even though we switched our lineup they played the entire game in new positions,” says Carrington.

  “We would have done better if our team dynamic wasn’t off due to the loss of a player,” says Niles, “but I believed we excelled. There is room for improvement as there always is. But overall we played well this season.”

   As the season came to an end, the team came together, knowing that they had done their best and couldn’t ask each other for a better group of girls to play with.