Boys Basketball

Jazmyne Turner

The PVHS Boys Varsity Basketball Coach is Daniel Clift, a man who always knew he wanted to be a coach. During his freshman year of high school his dad passed away and sports, coaches, and teachers helped him through it all. He coached for several years when he was in college and the last five years he has coached basketball and golf at PVHS, a total of seven years, because of an interruption in his coaching.


Last year, unfortunately, Coach Clift wasn’t there for the Boys Varsity Basketball because he was the Boys JV Coach. John Toomer, an 8th grade World History teacher at RCMS was, but Toomer is no longer a coach for PVHS. All the coaches wanted a change, so Dr. Taylor moved to the JV Boys position and the Freshman Coach because it’s good to try new things.


The main starters for Boys Varsity are Bryce Odegard, Tony Fortin, Cory Bergan, Brayden Severt, and Grant Odegard. The starters haven’t changed at all this whole year because they have performed really well. No matter what the score is they are always positive and always try their hardest. Everyone usually gets to play at least a little, and In that short amount of time, they score buckets.


Most of their players came from JV like Severt, Grant Odegard, Chance Farnsworth. They also have a couple of newbies to the team this year. David Roundy is a point guard and senior, and competes in track and field and is one of the top sprinters for the boys. It was still a good season for the Varsity Boys because no matter what, if they lose or win, they’re a team and learning to play together.


Fortin, a senior starter and amazing player, has been playing basketball since he was 5 years old. This season he averaged about 20 points per game, with a season high of 37 points. Fortin has gone to a couple of workouts with college coaches.


Bryce Odegard, a senior starter and great player, has been playing basketball since he was 7 years old. He averages about 9 points per game and his dad, Assistant Principal Jason Odegard was one of the girls coaches, so he grew up around basketball. Bryce used to go to Coach Pat Williams’ camps growing up, but he doesn’t anymore.


Odegard’s and Fortin’s motivation to play is family, but Odegard comes from tradition of basketball players. Fortin’s mom his biggest supporter and he wants to make her proud. Family is really important to athletes because they need that someone to push them harder and to motivate them.

The Boys Varsity rival is Boulder City, even though they are not in our league.  Boulder City is a great school and difficult to beat. They are a challenge for the Boys Varsity but we never give up .  Sadly, our Trojans lost both games to Boulder City 57-52 and 61-45, but they won against Moapa Valley 62-52, Kanab 56-52, and Word of Life Christian Academy 88-57.


Sometimes we run out of time and we just can’t catch up, but the court is our home and the players are your family. Come support the basketball and watch us dominate every school !

Many people love watching the NBA. The NBA is the National Basketball Association is a men’s professional basketball league in North America. So we all know that Michael Jordan is the G.O.A.T. (the goat means someone who is the best).  Jordan “I’ve never lost a game, I’ve just run out of time’’. When you lose a game, it’s the worst feeling ever, you gave that game your everything and you still lost. We lose some and we win some, but we just have to work harder to get better.