The Opinions of Teens with Jobs

Destany Ivy, Journalist

   High school years are the best years of one’s life: the coming of age, to start driving, and some even applying for jobs. But how do high-schoolers manage the stress of homework, after-school activities, and jobs?

  “Easy” is not a word thrown around often when having school and a job. In order to get the overwhelming amounts of homework done, working teens have to manage their time before and after work.   

  PVHS Senior Anthony Charles, says that he gets stressed when he’s overwhelmed with homework. “Since I only have 4 classes, I do my homework during the time I have inbetween school and work.” However, he does not have a lot of free time based on his daily school, homework, and work schedules.

  Teenagers who have jobs have learned how to manage their time wisely. They typically have 4-7 hours spent at school, then 3-7 spent at work, and some participation spent in after-school activities and sports.

  “You have to be responsible and be able to communicate with your bosses, coaches, and teachers to get all the jobs done,” says PVHS Junior Jessica Pearson. “So during high school sports, I work a lot of days from 6:00-8:00 because practice is everyday until 5:30.”

  “When falling behind in school, one cannot expect to see different results unless they take action,” PVHS Junior Autumn Chaffee say. “When I fall behind in classes, I try to call in from work to catch up, which my bosses don’t seem to mind.”

  However, some high school students decide to take a different route and get summer jobs. Summer jobs keep students busy during summer, helping to earn money, and giving work experience, all without affecting school work.

  PVHS Senior Vincent Mestas was one of many who takes the summer job route. During summer he works at Red Apple fireworks. He uses this job as an opportunity to keep his days busy, and earns money.

  Managing school, work, and sports is not an easy job. If there is one thing these teens have in common is responsibility. If one cannot handle the stress of work and school to not apply. School always comes first, and each working student does not regret getting their jobs. They say if you’re ready for it, go for it!