FBLA’s Journey to Reno

FBLA took a trip to Reno for a conference to explore more options in the Business world.

Nathan Holl and Emily Roberts

  Many people at Pahrump Valley High School may be wondering, “What is FBLA?”

  FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America, and it promotes student development in business related skills. Members are encouraged to learn about the vast world of business and the skills needed to be a leader.

    One of the most important events is the Student Business Leadership Conference (SBLC). This year, the conference was held in Reno and covered a wide assortment of tests and events to participate in. These range from 3D animation and graphic design to economics and marketing; there is something for everybody.

    On the final day of the conference, an award ceremony was held which congratulated the top ten participants for every individual event. Four students from Pahrump placed very well. They entered in the top ten for hospitality, business law, impromptu speaking, and introduction to financial math.

   The trip wasn’t only limited to hard work and competitive events. Throughout each day, guest speakers held workshops describing important business skills and how to implement them in everyday life.

   FBLA has a lot to offer and is an ideal environment to grow and expand one’s knowledge. Time is passing, the future is coming increasingly closer, and it’s about time to step outside of the norm and prepare for a successful future.