New Electives for 2018-2019 School Year

Maddie Dunn, Journalist

  The 2018-19 school year at PVHS will be introducing a multitude of new electives. Many of the same teachers that already work here will be teaching these classes. There is a basically an elective for anyone’s interest.

  Mr. Williams, CTE Computer teacher, will be teaching Computer Science and Cybersecurity. “Computer Science… focuses on the nature of data, input, output, and eventually coding languages,” he said. “Cybersecurity (previously IT Service and Support)…incorporates hardware, software, networking, and security issues associated with electronic devices. Both tracks require three years of study for completion in these growing employment fields.”

  Mr. Mercer, the Graphic Design and English 12 teacher, will be teaching three new courses–Art Fundamentals, Mixed Media 2D, and Sculpture. “Art Fundamentals is an intro course that is focused primarily on art theory and introducing students to a variety of media.  It is not primarily a studio class although there are studio components. Students will learn about the elements and principles of art (and their application) and have brief opportunities to work with media such as pencil (various types including colored pencils), watercolor, additive and subtractive sculpture, and relief printing,” he said.

   “Mixed Media 2D is a studio course that is focused on using a variety of two-dimensional media (either alone or in combination) to create art.  This includes drawing, painting, printmaking, and collage.” Mercer added, “Sculpture is a studio course that is focused on using a variety of 3D media to create art. This includes additive sculpture using various clays or clay-like materials (similar in technique to ceramics, but with a different end in mind) and subtractive sculpture using foam and plaster.”

   Mr. Larssen, the English 10,  AP Language, and Journalism teacher, will be offering Mythology. “Mythology, a study of dead religions and cultures, starts with the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, and progresses to world mythologies and folklore–zombiism, Star Wars mythology, etc. Students will create a board game for a final exam that teaches a world mythology.”

  Mr. Molendorf, the World History, World History honors, and AP US History teacher, will be teaching Ancient Civilization. “This course will explore the civilizations of Mesopotamia, Greece, Persia, Egypt, and Rome. The class will also study various cultures such as the Vikings, the Chinese, Indians, and the various cultures of Africa, covering events and subjects such as the Fall of the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, The Silk Road, and Abrahamic Religions. Students will gain basic knowledge in major historical concepts as they pertain to government, science, exploration, arts, geography, and international affairs. The emphasis of this course is on Western civilizations.”

   There are no prerequisites for any of these courses as of now. The other courses offered are Film Studies with Mr. Kolodzieczyk, Creative Writing with Mrs. Kolodzieczyk, Shakespeare’s Plays with Ms. Craig, AP Statistics with Mr. Paxton, AP Spanish with Ms. Villa, Beginning Choir with Mr. Wineski, Economics with Mr. Jackson, Forensic Science with Mr. Nygaard, Psychology and Sociology teachers are unknown.

  They will be great new classes for students and hopefully everyone will join in and enjoy them.