Power Hour

Christopher Walton, Journalist

  Power Hour at Pahrump Valley High School is a tool for students that are falling behind or not meeting state standards. The state of Nevada has an overall D grade average, nationally students should at least be reach a C grade average. Power Hour is designed for students to take responsibility by turning in late work, or making up any test/quizzes as need be.

  Most students at PVHS have voiced mainly negative thoughts about the new system. Winter Heier, a junior at PVHS, said “the Power Hour schedule is harder to understand because its confusing on where to go and what to do.” The staff have simplified this process by telling students teachers room numbers or where clubs and activities are being held, the clubs are also posted on the walls.

 Mrs.Martin, a history and government teacher said,  “It’s never a hindrance to have organized one-on-one time with my students.” With the new schedule, teachers have planned their lessons to benefit students and their grades.

   Power Hour has affected physical education by adding more time to the physical education classes.  “The new schedule doesn’t negatively affect my lessons.It benefits it by giving enough time to do fitness circuits,” Coach Colucci the Physical Education instructor, said. Power Hour has a few options on what students can do.

 Time for students to get the help they need, or time out on the field, there are the clubs.

Clubs at PVHS have been added to Power Hour to try and make power it more enjoyable for students and staff. Joey Loftis, a freshman said, “ By adding clubs, it allows kids that can’t stay after school, students providing their part in the club is crucial for almost every club.”

  Power Hour has proved helpful to some students. Students first need to take responsibility for their grades there are still some students who refuse to use the PH routine properly. “Ditching is a big problem with Power Hour there’s not really a way to stop kids from going to lunch instead of going to the designated class,” Julia Harris a junior at PVHS, said.

   Mrs.Ehrheart, the principal, said, “I changed the schedule to allow more opportunity for students to take responsibility for their own learning and grades.” the teachers aid them with increasing their grades.

  The mathematics and reading proficiency test scores for students is 57.9%.

  Power hour was implemented to school to try and bring test scores up. Mathematics proficiency test scores at PVHS are 47% and district scores are 47% state scores are 50%.

  The reading proficiency scores for these tests are, PVHS 74% district 73% and state is 70%.  Student scores on mathematics are below state averages. Reading scores exceed state averages meeting or exceeding 70%.

  Power Hour has been a great tool for students that need it.

Power hour Wednesday schedule

Period 1 8:05 – 8:46

Period 2 8:50 – 9:31

Advisory 9:35 – 9:59

Period 3 10:03 – 10:44

Period 4 10:48 – 11:29

Lunch 11:29 – 11:59

Period 5 12:03 – 12:44

Period 5 11:33 – 12:14

Lunch 12:14 – 12:44

Period 6 12:48 – 1:29

Period 7 1:33 – 2:14

Clubs and Organizations:

Art Club
Auto Club
Chess Club
Faithful Youth Ministry
Future Business Leaders of America
Improv Club
Key Club
National Honor Society
Role-Playing Games Club
Science Club
Student Council
Tennis Club
Trading Card Games Club