Poopsie Party

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The Poopsie Unicorn Surprise toys in all of their colorful glory. (Photo courtesy of ImBringingBloggingback.com)

Emma Crow, Journalist

  The children of today are far more advanced than those that came before them. Their attire, their vocabulary, their music, their interests–it is all leading us into a much more progressive era.

  Even the youngest of the young require the most innovative activities to keep them entertained, the most popular is the creation of vibrant sludge using an assortment of ingredients added to a base of common white adhesive. In other words, kiddies love slime.

   Because of this, there are many new products being created that incorporate slime in some way.  Another popular topic among youth is the act of defecation, because what could possibly be more amusing than that?

  The MGA Entertainment toy company took note of these new and advanced interests and decided to combine them into one cutting-edge, highly-developed toy that has reached the peak of the twenty-first century children’s entertainment: the Poopsie.

  These toys are modeled after the popular mythological creature, the unicorn, and come with several personal

The Poopsie unicorn doll Dazzle Darling with all of her neat accesories.
(Photo courtesy of littlewoodsireland.ie)

accessories, such as a diaper, a Poopsie potty, slime packs, and a little collectible key chain companion of their own.

  Of course, such an advanced product would come with advanced instructions. First, the user must insert the slime pack into a secret compartment located on the Poopsie unicorn’s back. Once the user is ready to use their Poopsie, all they must do is push the toy’s belly button (which will release the unicorn’s diaper) and then place the Poopsie upon its personal potty and watch in awe as the Poopsie magic begins!

  These toys are quickly becoming one of the most widely sought after toys and they are quickly flying off the shelves this Christmas season.

  If this has piqued your interest, I highly suggest you hit up your nearest Walmart as soon as possible in search of this prized gem of a product before they are sold out for the season.