Rest in Peace Mr.Lyke


Christopher Walton, Journalist

   PVHS math teacher Mr. George Lyke passed away November 22 of this year. Mr. Lyke was a great teacher and mentor. He always put his students’ needs before his own.

     Mr. Lyke never turned students away; even if he was busy, he always made time for his students. Mr. Mike Lyke, George’s brother, said “My brother George was a kind, generous and intelligent man.  My memories of him are of how caring and patient he was when he was helping students with math.”

  His wishes were that students would want to learn math, challenge themselves and strive to be the best they can be, not just in math, but in everyday life.  He knew that all students had the capability to excel in life, if they gave it a chance. George was very proud to end his career at PVHS and hopes that part of his teaching legacy continues on with his students”.

 He added “As a brother, he was very protective of family.  If I was ever in a bind of any sort, he would be there to help out in any way possible.  He always thought of others and their well being before his own. I’m glad I had a brother like him to be in my life and I will never forget him.  I loved him and miss him.”

  Emanuel Ribeiro-Reyes said “Mr. Lyke was an absolutely wonderful teacher. He filled our class with such positive spirits that it was hard to imagine him without a smile on his face. He cared about his students in such a manner that we all knew he truly enjoyed being apart of our school every single day. He communicated and joked with his students all the time, making sure that we all knew his class was a safe environment. I personally had conversations with him all the time. He would make me feel secure and confident in my abilities as a student no matter how difficult of a time I had in school. Mr. Lyke was and will always be a teacher that this school will never forget, and I hope with all my heart that he rests in happiness and peace.”

  Vice Principal Jason Odegard said, “I will always remember Mr. Lyke for being a kind man. He was also a really smart mathematician.”

   Math teacher Kevin Sepulveda said, “George was a good person and did the best he could every day to help his students succeed.  It has been nothing but a pleasure to work with him. I will remember him as a good friend, and a great colleague because it’s a rarity to find math teachers as knowledgeable as him. He had a good sense of humor, so whenever I would crack jokes, I could count on him to laugh with me.  My heart goes out to his family, and I hope they find peace”.

   Mr. Lyke was a very positive teacher, no matter the situation. He was a great teacher and all of us here at PVHS will miss him.

Rest in peace

Mr. Lyke