Spring sports

Spring sports

Veronica Dela Rosa, Journalist

Springtime is here, so all of the spring sports are back! Baseball, softball, boys golf, and track and field.

  Before you join a sport, though, you’ll have to go onto registermyathlete.com. Then once you’re registered, your coaches will give ideas to help you for the sport. They will be a meeting before the sport actually starts that will express who your coaches are.

  The trainers will tell you what you can do to improve, such as improve your diet and practicing off season. They’ll inform you about PVHS sportswear along with the spring athlete parent meeting, which is just a more formal meeting of all the spring sports staff and coaches coordinators.

  Speaking of athletic staff, here’s some of the non-coach part of the group. Kendra McCauley, the Athletic Secretary, John Toomer, the Athletic Director, and Jason Odegard, one of the Assistant Principals who advises with sports.

  Boys’ golf isn’t played during the fall sport. Girls’ golf is in fall, but the boys play is in the spring. Probably because the male golfers make up most of the fall sports.

  Boys’ and Girls’ track is open to all and the training is really intense. There are 4 qualifying meets that can take you to regionals. If you do manage to qualify your coach will tell you.

Jordan Hardsocg

  This training can help you improve your stamina, speed, and strength. It’ll help you stay in shape if you’re playing a sport during fall season. Jordan Hardsocg, a coach for Track and Field, says, “Track is an easy sport to switch into from other sports because it’s primarily running & strength-based.”

  While softball and baseball seem similar, there are huge differences between the two. Softball pitchers have to underhand the ball, and they throw at the same level of the batter. Baseball players have to pitch from an elevated mound, and they have to throw overhand.

Kalea Whitney

  Not only that, but the softball pitching area is much closer to the batter, and a softball is larger than a baseball. So they have to use bigger gloves and thinner bats, even though a softball is actually softer than a baseball. Kalea Whitney, a PVHS sophomore and Varsity Softball player, tells beginners “My advice would be to always pick up your teammates and make them want to work hard.”

  If you want to be ready for incoming season, here’s how to be prepped for sports. Study the rules of the sport. Work out on your own time, and keep up your studies.

John Toomer

  According to John Toomer, the Athletic Director, sports can help you improve.  “The biggest reward is knowing you are part of a team and you can do anything you put your mind to doing. It makes you a well rounded person and usually a better student.”

  Sports are exceptionally important in our school. So please join some, whether it be spring, fall or winter, and have fun.