Where’s The Store?


credits to: getty image

Bryna Supe, Journalist

   Toys, shoes, clothing have all made their way on the Internet but what about the actual stores that provide those things? It may be easy getting everything online but so many places offer the same thing and don’t get as much business.

   Toys ‘R‛ Us, Payless, and Sears are all stores that have closed down because of too many people are buying everything online, affecting the employees, owners, and customers. Most of the companies are closing because of online retailers like Amazon, creating a lack of customers for physical stores.

   After 63 years of being in service, Payless Shoe Source will be closing its doors in the U.S. The store first filled for bankruptcy in April of 2017 and closed 400 stores. The store is up to almost 470 million dollars in debt, which also is contributing to why the store is closing.

  Payless started closing its doors in March and should finish by May. It will also be closing its online stores.

   Toys ‘R‛ Us closed all of its 735 stores. 31,000 employees lost their job at the toy store, because of the store closing.

  Toys ’R‛ Us never planned on closing all of its stores. It filed for bankruptcy in September 2017 but only planned on closing a 182 stores. On May 14 the company announced that they would be closing all of its eight hundred stores. The company had been suffering for a while with new competition like Walmart, Target, and of course Amazon.

  There has been talk of Toys ‛R‛ Us making a comeback but, it will not be the same. The store plans on coming back for the 2019 holiday season, and now their success depends on the customers.

  Sears, the hardware store, is also closing 142 stores. They filled for bankruptcy October 14 of last year. CEO Eddie Lampert stepped down. The store was competing with other retailers like Walmart and Amazon. Even though Sears did not close all of its stores, it still has been affected.

   Remember Blockbuster? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.  After refusing Netflix’s offer to buy the business, the company filed for bankruptcy in 2010. There are 2 stores left, one in Australia and Bend Oregon. According to Deseretnews.com (a newspaper in Utah, Nevada) the store in Australia will be closing at the end of March. hat would make the Blockbuster in Oregon the last one on Earth.

  Eventually nobody will have to leave their house for anything they want, which is good but also bad.

  This would put many jobs at risk. It also is just encouraging people to be lazy by not having to leave their homes. This is the same with books and the internet. The web is a amazing thing only when used reasonably.