Is cheer leading consider a sport? (debate)

Eugene Harris, Journalist

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Cheer is one of the most popular in the United States cheer is in the history of the U.S. Many schools believe that cheer works just like others teams such as commitment and dedication.

Certain schools also believe that cheerleading is not a sport, but is it. I am going to show out the pros and cons of the reason of why people considered cheer a sport and why people don’t consider cheer a sport.

These are the three reason cheer SHOULDN’T be considered a sport 

  1. It does not include a ball or puck

Many people say that is a reason why it is not a sport because most of the other teams use a ball, puck or items such as bats and sticks to hit or slide a ball or puck like football, basketball, and hockey but cheerleading doesn’t uses any beside pom-poms.

  1.  They typically don’t compete against other teams

        Since cheerleading is basically made for support, cheer now has competitions. Cheer was created to pump up games like football, basketball and hockey games and events to show that someone is proud of what is going on.

  1.   Sports don’t perform, they compete

         As many sports compete and battle, about 20 years ago, cheerleading just started competitions and championships like state battles etc. 

 These are the three reasons on why people consider cheer as a sport.

  1.  Cheerleading takes practice

Cheerleading actually takes more time than some other teams such as golf,, people who are in cheer have to memorize steps and more and they have to build confidence and learn how to have a loud voice and memorize rhymes and also dances.

  1.   Cheerleading takes lots of physical activity and movement

Cheerleading takes dance moves and flips and communication and splits etc. Cheer dances, and do many things other teams can’t.

Stephen Dunn

  1.   It takes commitment and dedication

If someone is in cheer, they are very talented and dedicated. It takes lots of work and emotions lot be a cheerleader, it takes lots of commitment.

Now that the pros and cons of why people do and don’t consider cheer as a sport are listed, here are some local opinions from actually students at PVHS.

 “Yes, cheerleading is considered a sport because it is something people enjoy and have fun doing just like everyone else in other sports.” Emilie Heximer, PVHS Sophomore cheerleader.

“I do not consider cheerleading as a sport because cheerleading does not have a competition for themselves they do not have games and support them.” Dayanara Guerrero, PVHS Freshmen.

What is you’re point of view of cheerleading? Comment down your opinion in the comments. Signing out, Eugene Harris