Spooky Season

PVHS Key Club at the Pahrump Auto Plaza 2018. At there annual Halloween Bah, dressed in costumes.

PVHS Key Club at the Pahrump Auto Plaza 2018. At there annual Halloween Bah, dressed in costumes.

Cheyenne Machovsky, Journalist

Boo! Did I get your attention, because guess what is in 31 days? You guessed it–Halloween! Halloween is the start of fall, filled with fun and scary decorations, fun events to attend and endless amounts of free candy. Who doesn’t love free candy? You can never have too much.

Were you aware off all the outstanding Halloween events going on here in Pahrump? Such as The Haunted House in the coalition, the Pahrump Disability Outreach, which lets kids pick out their own pumpkins, as well as their own opportunity to go on hay rides. Key Club is partnering up with the Pahrump Auto Plaza to continue their yearly annual Halloween Bash. 

Join Key Club them for games, candy, and lots of fun dressed in your costume on October 31st, at 5:00p.m. Trunk or Treat will be on October 31st from 4:00p.m. to 6:00p.m. at different locations; Glen Lerner parking lot located at 2220 Nevada West Blvd. As well at the Valley Church on Gamebird Road from  4:00p.m. to 8:00p.m. with candy, a bouncy house, games, food and popcorn. 

Jamie Bagwell who is a Sophomore attending PVHS said,”My mom works at the Auto Plaza, so I go to help everyone out”.”I enjoy dressing up for Halloween and getting all the candy!”. 

Gia Iaulualo, a Senior, also at PVHS  said “I’m an introvert and prefer to take advantage of the fun during Halloween”. She would also like to add, “There should be costume contests somewhere voting which is the best one, and why!” Phaedra Johnson, a Senior, at PVHS said “I plan on going trick-or-treating with my dog. I enjoy Halloween. The spooky season is my favorite, the colors, the weather, everything. After trick-or-treating, I watch scary movies all night.”

I heard the best places to go trick-or-treating is in Artesia and Mountain Falls. They hand out king-sized candy bars and bigger amounts of candy as well. 

Just be sure when you do go out from house to house, you wear bright colors, or even wear glow sticks and possibly bring along a flashlight so those see you. Be sure you’re with your family or a group of friends so no one gets lost, or somewhere they’re not suppose to be. It’s a good idea when you arrive at home that night have an older adult or parent check your candy. Always be sure to stay safe, and be careful when eating candies with weird wrapping to it, or holes in them.

Have a Happy Halloween and enjoy all the free endless candy for the next few weeks! Be safe, and have a spooky spontaneous night!