Nipsey Hussle

A Man Who Changed Rap


Breanna Judge, Journalist

   Nipsey Hussle was an American rapper who was shot and killed March 3, 2019 at the age of 33 in Los Angeles. Most of you know who he was or have at least heard of him. He rapped about life, wealth, and what the world was really like.

     Although he was a part of the Rollin 60’ Crips at the age of 15, he changed his life around. On Las Vegas News, KSNV reporter Gabby Hart said, “The day after his murder, he was set to meet with LAPD’s police chief to talk about ending gang violence.”

   Junior Austen Valente said, “I like that he was an ‘ultrapreneur’ and stood for anti-gang violence while living in the depths of downtown LA, a very popular gang area.”

Before he died, Nipsey did a lot of things for his community, donating to schools to bring a STEM program, opening multiple businesses and giving jobs to the homeless and people with records. Unfortunately, Nipsey was shot in front of his own clothing business and in front of his three-year-old daughter after doing a photo shoot in his neighborhood.

Nipsey Hussle and his wife Lauren London.

   The man who shot Nipsey was found in Bellflower, CA two days later. It wasn’t anything gang related between the two. It was personal. 

   My brother Chris Gebhart said, “He wasn’t about promoting gang violence like most of these rappers. I believe he was someone that this world truly needed.”

   After his death, multiple other artists like Big Sean, Drake, Chance The Rapper, Rihanna, etc. made tributes and spoke about him.

   Nipsey wasn’t just any music artist. He put heart and actual feelings in his music. He does not mumble or repeat the same things over and over again either. He raps what he says he’s about and doesn’t lie in his lyrics.

   Nipsey’s wife, Lauren London, and his family attended his funeral. A couple friends like Snoop Dogg went to his funeral and a letter from Obama was read at his memorial.

  Snoop said,“Nipsey was a kind spirit and served as a peace advocate making music with rival gang members and showing love to everyone no matter the colors they flew.”

   Nipsey Hussle’s brother, Samuel Asghedom, talked about how “Nipsey built a computer with spare parts so he could make music on it when he was a kid.” Nipsey was very confident and positive with his music,  inspiring more of the younger generation. Nipsey Hussle is a legend.

Nipsey Hussle and Snopp Dogg.