Popular Christmas movies 2019


Picture of popular Christmas movies

Jeremiah Oloff, Journalist

   People like to play in the snow, sing Christmas carols, and watch Christmas movies during the cold time in December. Most people like to stay inside and watch movies like the Grinch, and the Nightmare before Christmas

   During the season, you have family visit or you’re visiting family, so you watch some fun family Christmas movies. 

   Some popular Christmas Movies are Home Alone, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, people watch these almost every season and will probably continue to watch them next year too.

   Mailene Ruvalcaba said “The Grinch is my favorite because it’s funny and it also shows that not everybody has somebody to spend Christmas with.”

   The Grinch movie had of funny moments in it, like when the Grinch puts antlers on his dog, Max, to make him a reindeer. The movie does show that some people that don’t have family or friends to spend that day with. Many people have family that passed or don’t talk to them anymore.

Ms. Emily Nielsen English teacher.

   Movies that debuted in 2018 are Grinch, The Nutcracker and the four realm, and Christmas Chronicles. Mrs.Nielsen PVHS English teacher,  said my favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story. Nielsen said “The best part of the movie is when the family is trying to cook Christmas dinner and their neighbors dog eats it! Then they spend Christmas at a Chinese restaurant.”

   Some channels that play Christmas movies are Hallmark, HBO, and Freeform. Cynthia Meza Junior, said “I watch about 15 to 20 movies because I really like Christmas it’s one of my favorite holidays.”

     The Grinch movie that debuted in 2000 compared to the one that debuted last year are really different. For example, the 2018 version is all animated like a cartoon while the 2000 version has people in costumes, how everyone treats him in the newest one everyone likes him and the other one everyone hates him and make fun of him, and the narrator’s tone in the movies. He still hates Christmas, steals all the presents and trees etc., and he always has his dog. 

Christmas tree which is part of the Christmas season

   My personal favorite is Elf, because the movie is really funny. Will Ferrell plays in it, and the best part of the movie to me is when he puts syrup of his spaghetti during dinner.