Childhood Cartoons that were banned around the world

Childhood Cartoons that were banned around the world

Breanna Judge , Journalist

   Most of our favorite cartoons that we grew up watching have been banned at one time. When you see kids watching cartoons now, they are very different from what we’ve seen on TV. Here are some well-known cartoons that have been banned in certain countries.

  Winnie the Pooh was banned in China because China’s President Xi Jinping took offense to the main character, Pooh. Various scenes show Winnie the Pooh and his friends mocking the president and have very similar traits and similar pictures.

   Pokemon was banned in Japan and Turkey because a very big explosion happened in one episode that made kids feel sick. They complained about their vision loss and loss of consciousness. Over 600 kids were hospitalized after viewing that episode.

   Spongebob Square Pants was banned in the U.S, Russia, Europe, and more than 120 countries. In many episodes there are repeated foul language, violence, and it was said that each character had a negative aspect about them like how Squidward’s personality gives off negative vibes. They didn’t want kids to grow up watching these bad influences.

   Talespin was banned in The U.S. and Japan then later throughout the world because of false views on laws, they showed the main character breaking laws and he didn’t have any consequences,  and propaganda of stereotypes about Asian countries. In one episode, a character needed to transport a box that was supposed to be a gift, but it was a bomb.

   Tom and Jerry was banned throughout the world for multiple reasons like, smoking, alcohol use, substance abuse, and violence. It was said that the show was unfair to the characters because the cat would always chase the mouse but never gets him and gets hurt while attempting to get catch mouse.

   The Simpsons was banned in The U.S. and  Brazil then later throughout the world because of violence, humiliation of family values, disorderly behavior, and insulting public figures and countries. One character, Bart Simpson,  is viewed as a very bad influence for kids and Brazil’s Tourism Department found one episode very offensive.

    Beavis and Butthead was banned throughout the world because of disorderly behavior and the tendency of kids threatening people with bodily harm after watching this cartoon. In one episode they thought that it was cool to burn things down. Later, after watching this, a five-year-old boy burned his house down with his sister in it.

   Looney Tunes was banned throughout the world because of alcohol consumption.In one episode called “One Beer”, Bugs Bunny and his friends Daffy Duck and Porky Pig wanted to steal a bottle of alcohol and drink it all.

   Shrek 2 was banned in Israel because of sexuality and insulting public figures. In the movie there was a scene where a character was cutting out organs. There was also multiple sexual innuendo with the two main characters throughout the movie.

    Gravity Falls was banned in Russia because of bad habits, violence, and pornography propaganda. In one episode, a character lies on a bra. It isn’t completely banned in Russia; they just put on shortened versions and removed a few episodes.

   Even though, as kids we never noticed or cared for these flaws in our cartoons, we still learned and looked up to them bad influenced or not. You won’t find any mistakes in kids cartoons today because of these previous shows.