Cubeworld: Is it a must?

Cubeworld, a pixel RPG made by Wolfram Von Funck and his wife, Sarah Von Funck. I will be reviewing the game and will be the first one for my new series, "Gamar Reviews"

Cubeworld: Is it a must?

Skyler Dunn, Journalist

  Wolfram Von Funck is a game designer, along with his wife, Sarah von Funck, the game artist working on one of the most exciting and famous Voxel Role-playing Game (RPG) games, Cubeworld.

  Hello, the Internet! I will be doing this little review series called “Gamar Reviews” where I will review video games that you may not know. We will examine one of the exciting games from 2013, which was the same time where Minecraft was getting well known very well.  

Cubeworld? What the heck is that? A world made of cubes or cubes made out of worlds? Why does it sound some spin-off of Minecraft? Furthermore, why does it look very close to Minecraft?

 Cubeworld is a game where you explore a vast generated world, “grinding yourself” for the loot and using experience points for specific skills for your class of choosing, and you can even pick what kind of race you want to be, like an elf, or a human, undead, or even a frog!

   You could level up by getting experience points for your class skills, getting a boat from the skills, a glider, and you can go and explore dungeons, where you have to fight a randomized boss to complete a section of the map and to get some of that excellent loot! The game had it’s charm from the artwork and could ́ve been a very booming game.

  When the game was still in its early Alpha at the time of release, people were astonished about its art style, the randomized worlds, and its open-world experiences. You were even able to get pets like an alpaca, a terrier, a turtle, and more!

   Cubeworld came out at the right time of the year when Minecraft was starting to become popular. Over time, a Reddit group called r/Cubeworld was created, now with approximately about 48 thousand people.       

   According to an article on Kotaku by Patricia Hernandez, a blogger for ‘Kotaku’, a game review website for the article “Cube World Hasn’t Been Updated In Years, But Some Fans Still Play Every Day”, by the time when the game is being talked about, Cubeworld suddenly became radio silent with no updates on Twitter, YouTube, or from the game designer, since July 2013.

  Fans and the Cubeworld Reddit were outraged, sending hateful comments towards Wolfram, that he was worried for his safety. While making the game better, the Von Funcks were confident and determined to keep working on the game, and now, the Cubeworld open Beta comes out on September, 30th. In about half a decade later.

While in dungeons, you will be in need of finding items to help you. The harp for example helps you open golden doors(As seen in picture)

   Fans were rejoiced! The cult on r/Cubeworld on Reddit cried joy as the game is finally open beta and everyone is able to play it.

   The game had a completely new style, no longer based on a skill set, no leveling up, but they added artifacts, which is the only way for you to “level up”. The game felt like it had less content from its open beta state than how it was previously in alpha. It felt like a new game, but what did the fans think about the game?

Me finding one of many “Artifacts” in a dungeon. Make sure you bring enough health potions and very good weapons when entering dungeons.

   According to Steam, a platform where you can buy video games, the ratings on the game is a mixed bag, with seven thousand people reviewing it. The game did not bring the promises that the fans on Reddit wanted; they were skeptical that the open beta was just a joke.

   In my experience of the game, however, it’s intriguing playing the open beta of Cubeworld, having you explore all over each region of the map, constantly playing to get the best gear for your character, and it’s the kind of game you can get at any time just to pass the time. 

   The game may need more content, and maybe have some way to make the game more interesting and more entertaining to keep players involved. I would recommend the game if you had a spare 20 dollars and some time on your hands, and to play the game if you want to play this kind of genre.

   I would rate this game 75 gold coins out of a 100. Take Cubeworld as a grain of salt as it is still in its open beta state; hopefully, in the future there will be additional updates to help the game. This has been the “Gamar Review”, investigating the backstory and the reviews of the notorious Minecraft RPG, Cubeworld.