Greta Thunberg – Puppet or Activist?

Sofia Poulis, Journalist

   The familiar 16-year-old climate activist, also known as the new child messiah of the Swedish Church, is currently asking for help on her goal of adventuring the seas of the Atlantic.  It’s the one and only—Greta Thunberg. Are her claims really true, or is Thunberg really manipulating the whole world?

   On September 23, 2019, about 16 child petitioners, including Thunberg, presented a complaint to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, an organization that saves and protects the world’s most vulnerable children. The activists’ overall claim was the issue of climate change and how the world is lacking involvement on stopping it.

   According to Thunberg and other climate activists, the world will be ending in 2050 from climate change. Climate change is the severe alteration in the Earth, such as ecosystems collapsing and greenhouse gases being trapped inside of our atmosphere, from the same people that claim the world will end. These climate activists declare that climate change is caused mainly by us, human beings.

   However, this is not the only time where there has been a panic on the world ending. From the 1900’s to the present time, there have been many claims of the world ending in different ways. In the most recent times: the 1970’s, there was a big affirmation that there would be an Ice Age coming; the 1980’s, acid rain; the 1990’s, ozone destruction;  2000’s, greenhouse gasses and now the 2010’s, global warming that turned into climate change, where the polar ice caps are supposedly melting, oceans are warming, and typhoons and other storms are increasing in intensity.

   According to the IPCC, the International Panel on Climate Change, an organization that provides assessments on climate change,“Projections for the 21st century indicate that it is likely that the global frequency of tropical cyclones will either decrease or remain essentially unchanged, concurrent with a likely increase in both global mean tropical cyclone maximum wind speed and rain rates.” From this, clearly, natural disasters will not be advancing on the world as much as we thought they were.

   Meanwhile, Thunberg and other climate activists state that due to too much carbon use from jets and other forms of transportation, the world is changing by the minute. All of them are pushing us to do something about this, to stop it, but what have they really done?

   Thunberg has taken some drastic actions in her home to save the Earth from the world of carbon. She has forced her whole family to go vegan and publicly complains about how her mother, Malena Erman, sneaks cheese ever so often. Ernman has also quit her job as a popular opera singer and her whole family, as well, has abandoned flying. 

   The 16-year old has also taken a whole year off of school declaring that there is no reason to attend since there will be no future to inherit. She is starting a revolution in her reasoning on how her elders have failed the current generations.

   Many celebrities, such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Prince Harry, praise the bravery and cause of this young girl. They have also been seen taking hanging out with Thunberg and morally supporting her.

On November 2, Greta Thunberg and Leonardo Dicaprio finally had a big meet-up. As stated by Dicaprio, Thunberg is the “leader of our time,” and an inspiration to all (Photo Courtesy CNN).

  At the Google Camp Event, held on July 31st, many celebrities, including Former President Barack Obama, attended the meeting on climate change. 

   About 114 private jets flew into Palermo, Italy airport just prior to the event. As said by According to EuroNews, on a plane from America to Sicily, about 4.24 metric tons of carbon dioxide is created, which is also equal to 540,652 smartphones being charged at the same time. 

   As always, nothing has really been said about this. People see another climate activist, Jane Fonda, 81-year-old actress, as a hero for getting arrested at climate protests every week. Recently, she has stated how it “feels good” to be civilly disobedient. She also uses planes to arrive and depart from different protest locations. 

    Thunberg is still friends with all of the people that rail against her cause. She constantly meets up with her “supporters” who use carbon to travel to meet her. Are rich celebrities the exception to the rule?

   Thunberg is especially going after North America and President Donald Trump. The Trump administration withdrew from the Paris Climate agreement, which was previously signed by Former President Barack Obama, without Congress’ consent. Withdrawing from this accord makes the United States the only country to not cut emissions of greenhouse gasses in order to keep the global temperature low, yet we still have to despite leaving the PCA. 

   China and India, some of the worst polluters, are never mentioned or called out for their actions. Berkeley Earth estimated that in 2015, China caused 1.6 million deaths from pollution. Both countries are the most populated in the world, and from the air they create causes more deaths and problems. Not even one percent of the world’s pollution comes from the United States of America.

   Currently, the Paris Climate Agreement is the only way to save humanity and by taking many precautions, argues Thunberg. There is also the New Green Deal that Greta supporters love proposed by Congresswoman Alexandria Osacio-Cortez from New York’s 14th District. This plan amazed climate activists, including Thunberg herself, but wasn’t really convincing to the rest of the world.


On February 21, Congresswoman Alexandria Osacio-Cortez was seen explaining the resolution of the Green New Deal with Senator Ed Markey. Is what she’s saying really true (Photo Courtesy The New York Times)?

 Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, even commented on this, saying that it is not confirmed if the House will vote of the Green New Deal, since it is not “current in its data.” Soon enough, the Green New Deal was removed off of the internet, and it is almost impossible to find it anywhere. 

    The plan starts off with the resolution of what is going to happen in the future, a loss of more than 99 percent of all coral reefs on Earth, more than 350,000,000 people exposed globally to deadly heat stress by 2050, and damage to a trillion dollars worth of public infrastructure and coastal real estate in the United States, especially Florida and Louisiana.

   The way to stop this from happening, and to promote justice, as said by the New Green Deal, is to drastically cut carbon emissions. These carbon emissions come from cars, power plants, planes, and boats. At the same time, jobs will be created, more construction and government related jobs, and the economy will be boosted.

    This plan states that ecosystems will be restored and equality will be at its best. By equality, women will get the same pay as men and the average white family will get the same pay as the average black family. According to Cortez, this is a huge problem in the United States and has to do with the problem of climate change somehow.

   Is this really all going on? How do we know that all of this is true? Are coral reefs really going to be gone if we don’t pass this plan, and will the world burn up as fast as possible?

    What about the source itself? Is climate change actually real, or are scientists and liberals lying about the whole thing? The Earth itself changes all of the time from volcanoes, earthquakes, and flooding. It won’t end from the events that simply change it.

    Also, notice that whenever there is a fact or somebody that goes against the claim of climate change ending the world, they are always silenced. All media and even social platforms, such as Instagram, limits the posts of these types and support false information. 

   School firewalls even do this by blocking news sites that are “mature.” They block websites that oppose climate change, such as DailyMail, yet keep ones that support this theory, which is mainly CNN.

   On Twitter, Thunberg tweeted that she is planning on leaving all social media platforms, since many lies have been stated and lots of comments go against her. Many reacted to this; however, when it comes to death threats of the President, no one says a word. 

   Social media users, especially young teenagers, are also influenced to believe the wrong information. If a celebrity posts something, like Jane Fonda, and says that the world will be ending, everyone else will believe it and spread it over the media. No one double-checks their facts and it turns out that the information could be totally wrong.

Jane Fonda, an intense climate activist, has a daily occasion of getting arrested for civil disobedience. On the other hand, she still gets praised for her works of bravery, (Photo Courtesy The New York Times).

    Coming from a family of actors does not help the situation either. Thunberg is an actress herself. However, this has never been really known or a topic the audience thinks about. Many are focused on Thunberg being 16-years-old and a hero for young girls.

   Recently, TIME Magazine announced that their person of the year is Greta Thunberg. She was noticed for her actions as a young climate activist. Apparently cutting down trees for paper, distributing the magazine by planes, and flying Thunberg all over the place for photoshoots still relates to her cause of saving the world.

   So what is really going on? In this world, in this time, lots of information is hidden from the whole world. Social media makes it even easier to limit what a normal person sees on the internet in their daily lives.

   First of all, the conclusion that climate change is real, is not true. The story has changed multiple times, and fake news spreads like a wildfire. Over the years, the Earth has gone through major changes, but it still exists and there is still life.

   Based on Greta Thunberg’s actions, she has not been the most reliable source. She does protest and uses a 10 million-dollar-worth eco-boat to go around the world, but her exceptions for celebrities and even herself should not be taken lightly. Not everyone in the whole world can afford to quit flying and go green with millions of dollars in their pockets.

   Also, if the Green New Deal is passed, will it really have the effects as said by Congresswoman Cortez? Or was there another purpose for it? Could this be a master plan to try to get the world to follow the way of a bunch of liars?

    However, the real question here, Thunberg, is she an actress or not? Is Thunberg the newest and next mouthpiece for the Green New Deal to be passed? Is climate change just another big lie? What is really going on in today’s world?