Why Is Call Of Duty Mobile One Of The Fastest Growing Games Of All time?

Zaiden Martinez, Journalist

Call Of Duty Mobile was made by Timi, Activation, Tencent Games and Garena. Call Of Duty Mobile is a game that was made almost a year ago and is available through almost all app stores in the world except for  Main Land China. The game came out on July 18, 2019 for Canada and Australia and the worldwide release was on the 1st of October 2019.
It all started on October 1st 2019, when everyone was able to play it. Out of all installs in the U.S 18% is Call Of Duty Mobile. For downloads U.S would be in first, India would be in second, and in third would be Brazil. When it first started it was making 2 million dollars a day but now it slowed down to 800 thousand, which is still a lot. As of June 2020 Call Of Duty mobile had 250 million downloads.
One of the bad things is that it’s not totally free. There are some in app purchases that cost Call Of Duty Points, or COD Points. COD Points (CP or COD points) are in game currency that you buy with real money. There are 6 different gift packs you can buy to get COD Points. The 1st one is 80CP for .99 cents, 2nd one is 400CP for $4.99, 3rd one is 800CP for $9.99, 4th one is 2,000CP $24.99, 5th one is 4,000CP for $49.99, and the 6th one is 8,000CP for $99.99. You can use these packs on crates, bundles, or the Battle Pass. Crates have a number of items in it that to get the items and what you get is all up to chance. Bundles are a number of items with 3-6 things in it, but when you buy it you are guaranteed to get everything that is in it that it says. The Battle Pass is something where you can buy it for a certain amount of CP and there are 50 levels of rewards. When you reach level 50 you are able to get the CP you used to buy it right back. There is a new Battle Pass every month which is one of the reasons why it has made so much money.
Here are some people who think that Call of Duty Mobile is a positive thing.
Jesse Hernandez: “ Call Of Duty Mobile is fun, cures my boredom, I like that they’re many levels, and can communicate with others.”
Daina Hernandez: “I think that Call Of Duty is very fun because you can go against other people and make friends. I like how you can pick different places to play.”
Here are some people that think that Call Of Duty Mobile is a negative thing.
Hunter Martinez: “In phones today 3 gigabytes is barely anything but that 3 gigs could have been used on something better. For being a phone game it has pretty good graphics but you don’t need to play games like that on a phone anyway. The controls suck. Prop Hunt is a good idea but executed poorly. I don’t get the obsession about Battle Royale games like Fortnite, Pub G, and Call Of Duty Mobile. I like the additional content periodically being released that brings new life into the game otherwise it wouldn’t be played for long. The fact that some of it is free and to buy the battle pass is unfair to those who don’t buy anything in the game.”
Efrain Rios: “The controls are a bit small for big fingers, the controls are a bit touchy.”
In conclusion the game has made money by the Battle Pass, crates and bundles. It has had 250 million downloads. Call Of Duty has seen close to 327 million dollars. It can be played on various different devices. People can play it anywhere with Google Play or any other app store that can support it. One place that you can’t play though is Main Land China. The people that make it are TiMi Studios, Tencent Games, Garena and Activision.