COVID-19 Update

Christyna Hedrick

2020 has been a devastating year for millions of people. However as the new year approaches, the COVID-19 pandemic has been having abnormal, and frightening  spikes all over the US. If everything goes as planned, these spikes should settle down with the soon outcoming vaccine.


2020 is soon coming to an end, and the world is currently not letting these last few months go to waste. According to CNN news within 3 weeks the Corona Virus spikes have become much larger and more spread out. Other countries have gotten past most of the rough parts of covid and are starting to drastically heal from this devastating event. They were able to enforce rules that kept people safe and covid 19 became easier to control. Unlike America who has not fully enforced the necessary things that would sow covid down dramatically.  


The holidays are urging people to visit their loved ones and many are struggling because they know that flying to other states makes the risk of getting covid even more than before. CNN states, “New york has had a near 100% increase in positive test results”. New York is not the only state that has had a spike in the virus this igh, and many others are soon to follow depending on how the traveling for the holidays goes. Despite this recent news there is some great news, 2020 still has a chance at a slight redemption. 


It’s predicted that by December 10th a vaccine should be ready for the public. At this point in time the vaccine is still in its testing stages. 


The vaccine is not a “cure”, it is simply something like the flu shot, when inside your body it would help to defeat the disease if you already have it. If you don’t already have it it would help to protect against it. People who have had Coronavirus and gotten over it, thankfully, now have antibodies against the virus, which is hopefully similar to the chicken pox, you get exposed to it and then are able to fight it off the next time. With the possibility of a vaccine, the encouragement to wear a mask is not by any means disregarded. People still need to stay safe until the vaccine is ready for the public. 


We need to keep each other safe by all means possible, even our doctors are either getting the diseases and or are currently quarantined due to being around people who have had it. People need to continue to social distance, the holidays do affect this, with families wanting to reunite not many people are thinking about the damage that could do to themselves and loved ones, or even just random people they are around.


A CNN analyst says that “thanksgiving could be the mother of all super spreader events.” meaning its predicted that the currents spikes will just continue at even greater rates. It’s ultimately safer to just lay low as much as possible and stay away from people, unless it’s a real need, for example going to the store to buy food for your household. At least until the covid 19 vaccine is ready for the public officially.


Keeping the world , families, and any other person, as safe as possible should be the main priority among people.