Call of Duty Cold War: Is It All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Zaiden Martinez

The Call of Duty franchise made a game that is based on the Cold War that happened in 1947-1991. With Nazi Germany surendering started a  worry that the alliance between Soviet Union and the U.S. one one side and Great Britain and the U.S. might fall. Now the game that they made, some people like and some don’t.


The Cold War came out on November 13, 2020 and many people that played had mixed feelings about the game. One of the first things they might want to take a look at is the brightness. There are some maps that are very dark and there are some very bright maps too. They should dim the bright ones and brighten the darker ones. One negative thing is  Even though there is a way to change the brightness it doesn’t help much because it will either lighten the already brightened maps or darken the already really dark maps. One thing positive is that people like how they are releasing continuous updates to make the game better. 


As of November 25th, 2020, the game got a new update containing a new map and some bug fixes. When a game gets frequent updates there is a better chance to keep  playing the game and more might come to the game because it gets frequent updates and keeps the game fresh and people won’t get bored of it. There is already a lot of content in the game that has been out for  and some differences and similarities to past Call of Duty games in the past. The zombies mode is way different than past games because there is a set of missions you can do to end the game while in the past Call of Duty games they are endless. It has many maps to choose from and different loadouts so you can made the decision of what you want to do and what things you want and where on your loadouts there are so many options to battle in multiplayer. 


Here is someone’s opinion, Hunter Martinez: “ They did a really great job with the likeness of the president John F. Kennedy. The gameplay looked like a Call of Duty game, the gameplay doesn’t change much. It is boring to watch but if I could be able to play it my opinion might change.” 


Here are some historical facts and some inaccurate things in the game (that I got from a website link will be after the article). First, Accurate number  1, there was a soviet spy at Los Alamos. The article says “in one of the Cold Wars first cutscenes  the narrator informs the player that the information from the manhattan project was stolen from the soviet spy. This is true except there were 3 spies, not just one.” The first inaccurate thing is that the perseus character may not have been real. His character may have been real but there are many historians who don’t think he was real. 2nd accurate thing was the KIA was active in East Berlin during the Cold War. The 2nd inaccurate thing was that the timeline wasn’t fully accurate. The Timeline in the game doesn’t fully match up to the historical timeline. In conclusion The Cold War game is pretty close to how it happened in real life and people have  mixed feelings some like it while others don’t.