Did PlayStation Actually Improve the ps5 or is it a Copy with a Different Design?

They want players to have a better experience while playing their games, which is why they released the Ps5. Before gamers decide whether to buy it or not, they would like information and this article will provide that.


Zaiden Martinez, Digital Entertainment Editor

Ever since the first PlayStation came out, it has drawn tons of people to their consoles because it was cheaper than their competition like Microsoft and Nintendo, and the fact that there were video games so adept in technology  (at the time) was a new thing for people. Each time a new console came out the new PlayStation performed better and was able to run higher resolution games faster and smoother compared to the generation before it. The newest generation to come out was the Ps5. It was released on November 12th, 2020. The console is barely one year old by the time you’re reading this. It took PlayStation almost 7 years to create a new console with the Ps4 being released on November 15th, 2013.


The Ps5 is an improvement over the Ps4 because of many things. The Ps5 has a ram of 16G (Gigabytes) while the Ps4 has a ram of 8G. The higher Gigabyte the ram is, the more it is able to run. With the higher ram, it is able to play games a lot quicker and smoother as compared to the Ps4. The Ps5 also has a higher storage amount than the Ps4, The Ps5 having a storage of 875G while the ps4 only has 500G unless you pay more to get the 1T of storage. If 875G isn’t high enough and you would mind spending more money you can buy a Ps5 with a 1T or a 2T. With the Ps4 the max you could buy it with was 1T.

There is also another factor that is of great importance in making this decision. The price of the Ps4 when it was first released is much better than the price of Ps5. The Ps4’s price was $399.99 while the Ps5’s price is  $499.99. That is pretty expensive, despite there being double the ram and more space. If you really want the bigger ram and bigger space then go for it, but if you aren’t sure and you’re okay with the Ps4, then maybe wait a bit for the price to drop. Unless you need the new Ps5 because your Ps4 is almost broken, then stay with the Ps4 and save the money until you’re ready to buy it. 

There are a lot of people with opinions in the world but here are a few. They all got the same question which was Do you have a PlayStation, if so which one? Are you going to buy the new Ps5?  why or why not? Do you think they improved the ps5? Do you think it is better than the ps4? First off Jovoni Price is a Sophomore at Pahrump Valley High School. “Yes I do, the original ps4 and no I’m not going to buy the ps5 because all it is is more storage, and faster speeds for downloading games, and better grip on the controller. Yes, they improved the controller with a bigger controller, and instead of laying down it’s standing up and it’s a different color too, but no it’s no better than the ps4. The ps4 is better because it doesn’t cost that much for games and with parts, in the ps5  you have to buy special parts and a controller, and headset for it, and for the ps4 you can buy the cheap stuff, and still get a good deal out of it.” As he said with buying the cheap stuff sometimes it’s good to save money and still get something good deal out of it. Second is Efrain Rios, also a Sophomore at Pahrump Valley High School. “No, I do not have a PlayStation, and I have never owned any PlayStation products. Although I am thinking about buying the new Ps5. I also am not sure if the Ps5 is better than the Ps4 but from what I heard the Ps5 is better.” He didn’t buy his first-ever PlayStation just because a new one came out. Last but not least is another Sophomore at Pahrump Valley High School. “Yes I do, I have a PS2. No, I’m more of a pc gamer. 3. Yes, they added features to make it better than the PS4.” He did the same thing as Efrain which is, they did some research about it and know whether or not the Ps5 is better or not and just because it is doesn’t mean they are going to leave the Consoles/PC they currently play.


In conclusion, the Ps5 has a bigger ram and bigger storage. If you need a better console because your current one is starting to break down then it’s okay to buy it. If your current one is fine and still runs pretty smooth then wait a bit if it’s still properly working. Yes, it will be more expensive but with the increased storage and double the ram, it will be worth it.