Learning Future Careers in High School

If you are a high schooler, you know how boring high school can be. It wouldn’t be so boring if you could pick the classes you took. You might even find yourself more motivated, and doing better in school.


Kalifornia Jacquez, Journalist

Have you ever felt like high school doesn’t prepare you as well as it should have for the future? This feeling may be shared by many high school students. There may be a way to change this though, and make use of the 4 years of high school that are required, as well as prepare students better for the future. Letting students base their classes around their future career paths might be a great way.

In our current high school education system, not everyone thrives. It’s not that every student doesn’t want to thrive, it’s that the present-day education system doesn’t allow for it. Not every student is interested in what they are learning in school, and if a student becomes bored, they might not have the motivation to do well in school. “By creating an environment that allows students to take control of their own learning, we also give them the tools and support they need to be successful in academia, and in life.” as stated by Sarah Mead, WHITBY. If a student feels like they are in control of what they are learning in school, and are interested in what they are learning, it gives them more motivation to do well in school. Letting students learn things that interest them, can push them to be better students and to thrive in school.

Some students may feel like their time in school is being wasted. If students are learning about subjects that they feel they won’t need in life, they might wind up feeling like they are wasting their time. It is important that students feel like the 4 years that they have to complete in high school are being used well and will best prepare them for the future. “In high school, you should be able to take career-based classes. That way, you wouldn’t have to sit through classes that bore you and that you know you will never need. This comes from a former high school student, Gianna DiFlora, proving that the feeling of taking classes that are a waste of time, is common. If they have this negative attitude towards these classes, it can prove to be unmotivational for students. It is crucial that students feel as though what they are doing in high school matters so that they continue to do well and succeed. 


If we let students base their classes around future career paths, it could prepare high schoolers better for their future, and give them a higher rate of success. If a student is learning skills that could help them in future jobs, then they have a better chance of succeeding in said job. Learning at a young age, different skills required in certain jobs will train them to achieve those skills. Better yet, it helps them figure out if that’s something they really want to do or not. “Exposing young people to strategic, door-opening, early college courses in a particular career field can set them on their way to their first professional credential with value in the labor market, without limiting their future educational or career aspirations.” According to Jacquelyn Bengfort, EdTech. Permitting students to explore these different career fields, better prepares them for the future. It helps them to trial different careers without limiting them. Students will do better in future jobs if they know what they are getting into, and are able to achieve the skills required for the job. 


This is why I believe students should be able to base their classes around their future career plans. Students picking their future career paths keeps students interested in school. It also motivates them to do well in school. In- addition, setting them up better for the future. After all that I have stated, it is a no-brainer for why I feel that students should be able to base their classes around their future career paths.