College isn’t always the best choice.

The effects of going to college aren’t always worth it when you have other options rather than college.

Lexi Martinez, Journalist

Going to college isn’t for everyone and certainly isn’t always the right choice to make. Going to college can be overwhelming and can cause unnecessary stress and debt. There are other options for schooling after high school rather than college, and let’s be real, college isn’t always worth it. Everyone thinks going to college is a great idea until you’re stuck in debt that can affect your future. Debt is something that can really mess up your future. Trying to pay bills and college at the same time is difficult. If you miss payments of any kind it can really damage your credit score. According to Porter “Your credit score can have a considerable impact on your financial life. If you pay your student loan bills on time, it can help you build good credit. Missing payments, however, can significantly damage your credit.” Being a student in college seems challenging. Figuring out the transition from being a teenager into an adult, working, school and bills. Missing just one payment due to not having enough money or simply just forgetting can damage your future. Debt isn’t something anyone wants to be in and is something that can be highly avoidable in many ways.

College is expensive, and the price just keeps going up. Not everyone who enters a college is blessed enough to get a scholarship. Although there are certain financial aid programs, they still won’t cover the full cost of college. According to U.S News “In looking just at schools ranked in the National Universities category, for example, the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2021-2022 school year is $43,775 at private colleges, $28,238 for out-of-state students at public schools and $11,631 for state residents at public colleges, according to data reported to U.S. News in an annual survey.” There are different prices for college depending on where you live while you’re taking college classes, but it’s still pricey. College is expensive, and the price just keeps going up.

Many people think that because they don’t go to college, they can’t further their education. Trade school is an option to help further your education past high school if going to college isn’t something that’s for you. According to Das, “Meanwhile, trade schools offer certificates or diplomas that aren’t equivalent to college degrees but are sufficient to get a job within a profession that recognizes the certification.” Trade schools offer a different variety of diplomas and certificates that allow you to have a successful job just like you would when going to a college. Many people think that because they don’t go to college, they can further their education and become successful people.

College is expensive and could lead you into debt that will affect your future, on top of other unnecessary stress. You can avoid all of those issues by going to trade school which is just as effective as college. College isn’t worth all of that money and debt you’ll be in when you could just go to trade school, save money, and time.