CyberPunk–One Million Players a Day

Cyberpunk on its initial release was a train wreck for sure, but who knew that an anime would be its hail Mary?

CyberPunk--One Million Players a Day

CyberPunk 2077 released in 2020 by game developer CD Projekt Red was an absolute letdown. Cyberpunk 2077 was in development for almost TEN YEARS, and when it was released the players hated how poorly made the game was. There were a substantial amount of glitches and bugs which made the game, at times “unplayable.” Many players were disappointed, there were so many unsatisfied players that PlayStation actually issued a network-wide refund to the majority of players that bought it. However, behind the glitches and bugs, there was a good story and compelling characters, and those who actually played the game enjoyed it thoroughly. Who would’ve thought that an anime coming in the future would revive the game so much? CyberPunk Edgerunners is an anime based in the CyberPunk universe with our main character David Martinez, a street rat who most people would think would never become a legend. Like most people living in Night City (where the game takes place), David and his mom are constantly struggling to pay for rent and school. It seems a lot of people resonated with David and his struggle to the top, however, like most people, “There is no happy ending in Night City.” CyberPunk Edgerunners has a whopping 14,880,000 hours watched so far and that number is rising. Due to the insane success of Edgerunners, CyberPunk has seen a count of one million players daily for the past few weeks, which is a crazy amount compared to its original count. Edgerunners has revived CyberPunk and CD Projekt Red is even going to release a new DLC based on the ending of the game. And who knows it might be like the Witcher with its base game add-ons.