Cloud Imperium Games vs Crytek

Hezekiah Lubas, Journalist

April 13, 2018

   If you haven't heard, there is a game called Star Citizen, a sci-fi space trading and combat video game. The game is still in its alpha stages which means it's still being made, but for about 20 dollars, you can buy a spa...

The Mozart Effect

The Mozart Effect

April 12, 2018

Stand Up and Deliver

Darcy Biermeyer and Emily Roberts

January 29, 2018

The good part is that it’s okay to mess up.

Review of December Holiday Concert

Maddie Dunn, Journalist

January 22, 2018

   The Holiday Concert for Pahrump Valley High School on December 6th and 8th was amazing. Mr. Wineski worked hard to prepare the students and they seemed more than ready. There were many group pieces as well as handfuls of s...

Why the New “Death Note” Movie Didn’t Suck

Emma Crow, Journalist

January 5, 2018

   Out of the many things currently surfacing in social media, one of the most controversial topics is about the Netflix movie adaption of the very popular anime, Death Note.    Death Note is one of the most popular anime ser...

The New Olympics

Dominic Juranty, Journalist

January 5, 2018

   The 2020 Summer Olympics are being hosted in Tokyo, Japan featuring five new or returning sports such as baseball/softball, karate, sports climbing, surfing, and skateboarding.   The Olympics are notoriously old, and J...

The Haunting of Europes Castles

Edibray Schlamp, Journalism

December 5, 2017

Europe has some of the most beautiful castles from the Medieval Age. It shows the history of how people were living during medieval times. But behind every castle is a terrifying and brutal story. Bran Castle is known as the wo...

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