• March 6Dow sinks another 800 points
  • March 6A man filmed licking a tub of Blue Bell ice cream will spend 30 days in jail
  • March 6Facebook is removing Trump campaign ads
Some passions Mariah Propps has are fashion, shopping, painting, drawing, and watching tv.

Mariah has lived in Pahrump her whole life and has been playing sports since she was 4, she's

been cheering for 10 years and is about to go onto her 11th season. She’d played baseball,

basketball, soccer, and bowling. She also was a referee for AYSO soccer. After a bit, all of the

sports piled onto her became too much and she stuck with cheer because that’s her passion and

Mariah hopes to cheer for the NFL football team the Dallas Cowboys. Mariah doesn’t ever

voice her opinion in a factual article she’ll give you the facts and the truth not what you wanna

be heard or what she wants to hear or write, it’ll be just the fasts. Mariah loves to read, all

though she's never been in a journalism class she loves writing short stories and loves reading


Mariah Propps

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Mariah Propps