Embarrassing Moments

We've all had them.


Lilly Carle, Journalist

    We all might not have gone skydiving. We all might not have finished a triathlon, gone bungee jumping, climbed Mount Everest. But there is a story we can tell. And that’s the story of an embarrassing moment.

    Charles Larssen, a Journalism teacher, when asked about his most embarrassing moment he said, “In seventh grade on the first day of school, I accidentally walked into the girl’s restroom. When I entered the restroom, I looked around and something seemed off. Right as I turned around to leave, the assistant principal caught me and suspended me for three days. All the students called me pretty bad names for the rest of the school year.”

Mr. Mercer

   Robert Mercer, when asked about his most embarrassing moment, he said, “Once I was on a date and I locked my keys in the car. Yeah, that was pretty embarrassing.”

And my personal favorite, Dylan Mollendorf, a history and science teacher said his most embarrassing moment took place in 8th grade at a school dance. “School dance, waited until the last slow dance to ask this girl to dance. Her name was Mariah, breath smelled like cinnamon, was chewing about eight pieces of gum, I had a huge crush on her. The dance was amazing. Now next dance, was Valentine’s day. I had to get something for her. I was very nervous, the day of the dance I was

stressed out on picking out what to wear. At the last minute, I went to the store and decided to buy her flowers. Smiths was all out of flowers. All they had were cloth made roses. Bought one, and was on my way to the dance. All my friends were there, I was super dressed up they were making fun of me. I had a tie, and a fake rose. They kept asking if I was going to dance with Mariah again. Last slow song, I finally got the guts to walk across the gym and ask her to dance, she was surrounded with about fifteen of her friends. I had the rose behind my back, as I got up to her, pulled rose out from back and it fell apart. All her friends and my friends were laughing at me. One of my friends picked up the rose and threw it on the middle of the floor. I ran out of the gym in pure embarrassment. Made fun of by every girl for the rest of the school year.”

   We all have embarrassing moments, some are easy to remember, some are easy to forget. Some you can look back on and laugh hysterically, while others you’re still not over, even years later.