Keeping You Posted On Post Malone

A detailed experience on Post Malone's October 5th concert.


Post Malone preforming on stage.

Sabrina Jaynes, Journalist

  Austin Richard Post is an American musician born in Syracuse, New York, known professionally as Post Malone. Malone is currently teamed with Republic Records where he has released his debut album Stoney, which reached number 6 in Billboard’s top 200.

  One of Malone’s first musical interactions was when he picked up the game Guitar Hero; he figured because he was really good at the game, guitar would be an easy instrument to learn. This led him to become a self-taught musician and he moved to Los Angeles in his late teenage years with a friend. Starting with a Soundcloud account, Post Malone has since moved on to great success in his music career.

  Malone performed at Las Vegas’ Brooklyn Bowl on October 5 for his 2017 Fall tour called Stoney. Before entering the building, concertgoers were required to be stamped if they were underage, patted down, scanned for metal, and have their bags checked before they could even scan their tickets. They took every precaution for safety at this concert, positioning security guards and cops everywhere. They weren’t taking any chances.

  My group arrived an hour before doors were supposed to open, so we were placed into a line leading up a staircase. No one was communicating, and people tended to keep to themselves and sit on the floor to wait.

  Although the doors were supposed to open at 7, the line had yet to move by 7:20. We visited the merchandise booth and bought overpriced t-shirts, like at every other concert.

Waiting in line at the venue.

  Soon after, we were let into stage floor, where we were strictly told by security not to run or push, or there would be consequences. Of course, no one listened and a mob of people ran to find good spots.

  Once settled in, with a small amount of space to move around, we waited over an hour and a half for anything to happen. Music was playing in the background, mainly rap, but the crowd had become restless.

  One song had a negative impact on the crowd, as the end of the song had the sound effect of gunshots. Of course, it shocked the entire audience. 

     A man resembling Kanye West entered the stage soon after and proceeded to try to fix “technical difficulties,” and afterwards an opening act entered the stage. 

  Everyone in the crowd was in a bad mood from waiting around so long, so the band worked his hardest at cheering up the crowd by throwing a few water bottles into the crowd.

   They played a set list of original and cover remixes of famous songs, such as Bodak Yellow by Cardi B.

  The audience began to convey their enthrallment and jumped along to the songs, in turn shoving everyone toward the front in a giant and aggressive pit. Everyone was content with this experience though, since it was expected at this type of show, unless you were that one mom that happened to get stuck in the middle of the pit.

  Strobe lights from the stage were timed with the beat and smoke machines ejected fake smoke into the crowd and hit everyone in the face. No one was spared from this scene.

  After a half an hour set, Post Malone finally entered the stage. Right off the bat, you could tell he was drunk, besides the fact he told the whole audience he was. Malone was very smiley and limp.

  Throughout Malone’s set he had a variety of images placed onto a screen behind him, such as the American Flag made out of cans and smoke floating around–a sense of patriotism.

  Malone introduced his mom during the middle of his set, requesting she tell a joke. Shyly, she refused, but as Malone pushed her more, she said “I can tell them stories about you as a child.” This led to Malone letting her leave the stage, as the audience shouted compliments.

  A stage hand that was bringing out a guitar soon after was introduced as Malone’s brother, because his family was touring with him.

  During his acoustic set, Malone stopped playing in the middle of a song as a woman had fainted from dehydration. After making absolutely sure she was okay and asking if she needed any emergency help, Malone began playing his song from right where he left off; this showed his concern for his fans.


   While taking a break between songs, he mentioned that the next song had been written for a friend that recently passed away. He poured out some of his drink onstage for remembrance and asked the audience to do the same. The floor was incredibly sticky as drinks were spilt everywhere,even from the second floor down.

  Malone mentioned that he was worried the Vegas crowd would not catch him if he attempted to stage dive, because he did it at another venue and no one caught him, but giving up his fears, he jumped bravely into the crowd, who did, in fact, catch him. But, at an awkward angle, you could see Malone’s torso slowly sink down and legs go up. Security was ready in an instant to rescue Malone, who came out unharmed.

  Besides the various songs off his album, Malone also played his single off the Fast and Furious soundtrack — “Candy Paint,” a recent single, “Rockstar” and a Nirvana cover-, “All Apologies.”

  Towards the end of Malone’s set, he slammed his microphone to floor causing a loud pop and breaking noise throughout the venue, all for the dramatic effect. This led the already ecstatic crowd into a frenzy.

  Malone’s set was about an hour long, ending with his most famous song “Congratulations,” also which happens to be our own 2018 senior class’ song. The audience felt very connected, as no one had any personal room for over three hours.

  On the way out, the doors were jammed, and the merch booth was crowded, a classic vibe for any

  Post Malone’s concert was one of the best experiences in my entire life. The atmosphere was incredibly friendly and positive and music sounded blissful live. I would definitely see him again, and will be looking to his future album Beerbongs and Bentleys.