The Delorean; the Rise and Fall and Rise Again



A Delorean

Hezekiah Lubas, Journalist

  Have you ever wanted to get a Delorean or drive one? Well now that dream can become reality. DMC, Delorean Motor Company, is opening its doors in Texas again. They plan on remaking the 1982 Delorean that has not been in production for 35 years. About 9,000 were originally made.

  Buying refurbished Delorean from DMC, or car selling websites such as and, will cost up to 55,000 dollars.

  It was made famous from the film series Back to the Future made in 1985 Marty Mcfly was played by Michael. J. Fox, and Doc Emmett Brown, was played by Christopher Lloyd. It could go back in time because the Flux capacitor was powered by 1.21 GW (1,210,000,000 Watts).

  Robert Zemeckis, the director, was not always going use the Delorean. Ford was going pay them 75,000 dollars to use one of their cars as the time machine. He also thought about making the time machine a fridge. But this was scrapped when he thought about the younger watchers climbing into their own fridges and getting sick.  

   The Delorean company closed down when John Delorean, the founder of the company, was arrested on October 19, 1982 for conspiracy of obtaining and distribute 55 pounds (25 kilos) of cocaine, a 24 million dollar drug deal.

   DMC was going bankrupt, and Delorean thought he could save the company by doing this drug deal. He was acquitted of these charges in 1984, but his luck was still on empty. He was eventually put on trial for fraud and for the next two decades he had to pay millions to creditors and lawyers.

   Even after drug deals, fraud and bankruptcy, the Delorean still has an imprint on vehicle history and still one of the most famous cars in history, thanks to Back to the Future.

   The company went out of business completely in 1982, but in 1997, an immigrant from Ireland with a dream and 5 million dollars bought the company. Stephen Wynne really liked American and French cars which eventually became his specialty.

  Stephen Wynne bought DMC, but for a while he wasn’t even allowed to sell any Deloreans. because until the Low Volume Car Manufacturer Act came out in 2015

  The Low Volume Car manufacturer Act allows the NHTSA to establish a program. Allowing Small car manufacturers to make limited amount of cars. 

This year is the first year DMC has been able to produce Deloreans. The company will be able to produce 9 thousand cars a year and they will cost around $150,000 for a brand new Delorean.