Helen Helps Desolate Student

Hey, so I need advice...

Helen Helps Desolate Student

Helpful Helen

Dear Helpful Helen,

  Hey, so I need advice. Mrs. Thompson keeps assigning these books to read, but they are the most boring books she could possibly find. What do I do?

Dear Desolate Student,

  High school can be one of the most boring and slow experiences ever as you’re going through it. Nobody really likes the hours of homework and droning lectures you have to sit through.

  However, you can always make it fun. The books might be boring, but try picturing the scenes in the book, in your head. You could also replace yourself with one of the characters so it’s more relatable. If nothing else, laugh over how ridiculously lame the stories are.

  Perhaps you could even watch the movie adaption of the book? Last I heard, English 11 is reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy, and that movie can easily be accessible on Netflix. 


   Helpful Helen 🙂