The Second Annual Talent Show


Sabrina Jaynes, Journalist

   On February 23 from 6-8PM, Student Council will be hosting PVHS’s 2nd Annual Talent Show in the auditorium. For as little as $3 for students and $5 for adults, the audience can witness the legendary talents of our student body. From vocalists to magicians, there will be acts for everyone to enjoy.

Cassal (Alex) Engelhardt, vocalist

   Taylor Gent, Student Body Treasurer, is in charge of all StuCo fundraisers, making him head of the talent show. Proceeds from the show will go to the general StuCo fund, which is used to pay for posters, dances, and the occasional treat, such as a guest speaker.   

  “With 13 acts last year, the turnout and feedback from the event was great,” stated Gent. “I expect even better this year.”

   Auditions this year went extremely smoothly. It is estimated there will be around 14 acts, not including last minute sign ups. Acts are only rejected if their content is deemed inappropriate for a school environment. This includes all media one uses in their act, such as music, backgrounds, or props. Songwriters (at least two this year) are required to submit their lyrics for prior approval.

Carmen Changano, vocalist

   There is a lot of vocal talent this year, but the acts will be split up accordingly.  “We don’t want it to feel like a concert,” according to Robin Williams, StuCo Advisor.

  While most of the talents are female, there are several males participating. Many boys may feel like they can’t participate, regarding the show as just another beauty pageant, but this is not true. “Talent shows are solely for showing off one’s abilities,” says Williams. “We don’t care what you look like or who you are, as long as you have something to show.”

   While this is only the 2nd year, StuCo is trying to start a tradition, as it is quite easy to put it on. The event itself is not strenuous, as it takes around a month to turn in the appropriate paperwork, advertise, and put on auditions. It only takes 4-5 hours to set up the event on the day of.

   A major setback in setting up is the auditorium’s low quality sound system. While both the gym and cafeteria sound system were upgraded previously, the auditorium is still desperately in need.

(From left to right) Glendon Casia, Sam Garcia, Monique Rodriguez performing a dance routine

  Gent is trying to obtain judges that are staff and have a vocal or musical background, making it a fair judgment. Scores are based on a overall 1-10 scale, the highest scorer being best. Contestants are not allowed to view their score afterwards, as it “matters who won, not how much they won by,” according to Williams.

  Adrian Grimaud, senior, and Hailee Wright, sophomore, will be the main commentators of the show, with Grimaud performing an original rap song produced entirely by himself during the intermission.

  Grimaud has previously emceed for multiple shows, such as the Mr. Maroon and Gold pageants. “I’ve always had such a great time being up there and introducing such talented people. It’s such a great feeling to be a big part of the show itself,” stated Grimaud.

   Grimaud expects great acts and raw talent from the contestants this year. He personally knows some of the students that have signed up and their talent amazes him. “It’s only a once a year type of thing and a lot of people who went the previous year told me they had a great time,” Grimaud stated, “and what else are you going to be doing, losing on Fortnite?”

  Grimaud is sure it’s going to be a very fun night with lots of memories.

Students may not be the only one participants. As a surprise, some of our staff may be showing off their talents, but you have to go to the show to see.

  While the auditorium only holds 200, Gent hopes the show will sell out. “It’s super cheap entertainment,” says Gent. Make sure to be there before the starting time at 6, so the show will not be held up.