Rosemary Clarke Kids Visit PVHS

Annie Kocvara, Journalist

  On February 12th and the 14th, eighth-grade students from Rosemary Clarke Middle School visited PVHS to see where they will be going for the next four years of their lives.

  The kids entered through the back cafeteria doors and lined down the hallway where Student Council was ready to greet them. The groups that the kids got into were superhero themed, heroes like Thor, Star-Lord, Batman, etc.

  Before they were sent off to the groups, assistant principals Chuck Fannin and Jason Odegard as well as Principal Jennifer Ehrheart, talked about what they expect from the new freshmen.

   Mr. Fannin greeted the kids when the got all settled in. He introduced them to Mr. Odegard and Mrs. Ehrheart and told the kids what they both do.

  Principal Ehrheart took over and told the kids what she has changed since being here and how she does not want any failures from anyone.

   Mr. Odegard talked about the sports we provide here; like football, boys/girls soccer, wrestling, etc. He also mentioned what clubs we have to offer here, like ceramics, auto, rodeo club, and many more.

   The students would get little tickets with the logo of that hero and at the end of all the speeches, they would be sent to their groups to tour the whole school.

  The groups would mostly go to elective classes like graphic design, auto-tech, culinary. They also went to the band room and the band kids performed a song for the kids visiting their room.

  It’s exciting to see new students roam the halls and explore their new school for the next 4 years. The students that still go here don’t care for the new kids, but it’s not like anyone can stop them from coming. Good luck to those who will be here next year and I hope they will try to make the most of their years in high school.