What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?


Sabrina Jaynes, Darcy Biermeyer, and Emily Roberts

 Everyone’s goals, hopes, and dreams differ throughout their lifetime. As children grow and experience new affairs, their perspectives change.

  To get an idea of how exactly their mindsets shift, we set out and asked an eclectic group of people what their biggest accomplishments are. We filmed them in the environment most natural to them, showing not only how their goals change, but how that reflects their lives as well.

  We began with interviewing a 5-year-old boy, who considered his biggest accomplishment to be “playing video-games.” At the end, we asked a 97-year-old woman: hers was raising two kids.

  While many people fell between with similar answers, there was a definite progression from the first years of one’s life to the last. Nothing in life is easily given: all of these accomplishments are just that, no matter how insignificant they may seem in the scheme of life.