Traveling the Stars to Live on Mars

Would you live on a different planet, Mars perhaps?

Jonny Hooker, Journalist

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   SpaceX is a privately owned company that aims on inhabiting Mars so we humans may live on it, but it will take 9 months to land on Mars from the day of lift off, as the distance from Earth to Mars is about 225 million Km (Kilometers) away.  SpaceX has many obstacles before launching their rocket. Recently, the company launched the heavy falcon with a $100,000 car called Tesla Roadster in the main part of the rocket.

   The upcoming rockets will be able to carry hundreds of people. using a variety of new tech like carbon fiber fuel tanks which are reusable for more upcoming projects. Merlins rockets are new in their use of creating rockets and can exceed 7,560 Kilonewtons with a impulse of 285 seconds, once at 100%, Merlin operates at an increased propellant flow rate of 2,750 Kilograms per second.

   A launch on August 24,2017  the Falcon 9 made a hole in the earth’s atmosphere four times bigger than the state of California. The hole is capable of “disrupting Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation.” said Atmospheric Science. Usually rockets go at an angle but since the Falcon 9 had an unusual light weight object in it it was able to go straight. The rocket was almost vertical and caused it to go faster than it usually went.

   Some of their upcoming flights well list for scouting for resources like water, soil for farming, possible strong foundation places, and any other resources needed to confirm that life can be sustained on Mars. On the other hand, the other rocket flights will be to make sure it can sustain the pressure, temperatures and to make sure it is trustworthy enough for lift off.

   Elon Musk, the CEO and co-founder of SpaceX, is a multi billionaire, but he wasn’t always a rich guy. Musk started to rack in money at an early age of 12 he made a video-game called Blaster. A game that battles against alien spaceships, and depends on the player to kill them all before the player gets shot and gets a Game Over. Before making the game, Musk self taught himself to code software and Blaster was one of the games that came out of his skills. It later was published in a magazine in South Africa and was bought for 500 dollars.

   SpaceX launched Hispasat 30W-6 satellite. The satellite “will offer a wider broadband to the Andean region and in Brazil” said Future Satellite:Hispasat30W-6, will connect more people to the internet and make a more wider signal range. Right before the launch of Hispasat 30W-6 CEO Elon Musk tweeted “Hispasat 30W-6 is the largest satellite SpaceX has flown on a Falcon 9 to date.” The Hispasat 30W-6 replaces the 15-year-old Hispasat 30W-4 satellite which is about 16 years old and do for an upgrade.

   SpaceX’s most powerful rocket called Heavy Falcon Rocket (HFR). The (HFR) carried a car on the final day of launch. Their next major launch is in 2019, which is called the Big Falcon Rocket. Elon Musk says the “spaceship could start taking short test flights next year.”

   Falcon 9 (a previous launch) had a piece fall off  of it which was to return down to earth and was falling into the ocean, so SpaceX attempted to catch it so they could reuse it for a next use. When the broken piece falls after breaking apart from the rocket there is a parachute called “parafoils” that is for slowing the piece of the rocket down. The attempt to catch the piece of rocket with a “barge which had 4 long arms and a net, but was a miss by a few hundred meters,” according to Darrell Etherington. 

SpaceX is still a long way from being able to live on Mars, but is making great strives toward reaching that goal.


2 Responses to “Traveling the Stars to Live on Mars”

  1. Alyssa Greenway on May 2nd, 2018 8:31 am

    I really loved how you told us how long it would take to land on Mars. You used very good diction in your story making it more interesting. It’s scary to think about how far we have developed as a nation. Overall this story was good, and I hope to new stories.

  2. Ashley Jones on May 11th, 2018 8:22 am

    This rocket made a big hole in the atmosphere? That’s something I didn’t know. That’s bad news for the environment, right? On a lighter note, space exploration is always a fun topic to read about though. Also, best title I’ve ever read.

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Traveling the Stars to Live on Mars