Art Club


Juan Nava Garcia, a freshmen who is in Art Club, smiling in front of a bush.

Alexis Norman, Journalist

If you are a student and you like to draw, and don’t have the art class during the day, or even if you really like drawing, then Art Club is definitely for you. Many think Art Club is just full of only drawing but there is much more than you think.

Being someone who likes to, draw, just imagine what a great artist you can become. Art can be someones getaway, someone’s muse. Art is so many things. Art is drawing, sketching, painting, music, sculpture, even has drama and dance productions.

Juan Nava Garcia is a Freshmen and member of Art Club since the beginning of the year. He couldn’t be in art class like he wanted, but joined art club. He enjoys drawing and has learned a lot. He enjoys the Club and has improved but unfortunately he doesn’t have his art displayed anywhere.

Art Club meets after school at 2:30 in room 127, Mrs Dabrowski’s room. The club is more about fine arts which means Art Club involves not just physical art but theatrical art as well: drama, music, speech, and dance. This could be a great opportunity for students to get to know new people and get creative.

Mrs. Dabrowski, the art teacher, is one of many fine art teachers. She loves to teach Art Club, taking pride in her club, and the students are just amazing. Dabrowski says, “Art, to me, is a way to express yourself,” being able to express yourself creatively and expressing one’s thoughts.

There are a good handful of students staying for Art Club and they wouldn’t mind to have more students come into the club and enjoy the art experience of the fine Arts.