Fall Festival

Harvest Festival weekend!!!


Kaili Perry, Journalist

Fall Festival, Hopefully everybody had a magnificent weekend!!!



“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons,” said Jim Bishop, an  American journalist and author who wrote the bestselling book The Day Lincoln was Shot. Fall Fest is the best time of year for me.

  There is a tradition in Pahrump and Las Vegas and all over the world. The first time this was a tradition everyone joined together and saw the parade and had rides and everything for a whole weekend, 50 years ago. There comes a time where everyone comes together and has fun, Fall Fest, otherwise known as Harvest Fest.

  Hundreds and hundreds of people can’t wait to have fun on Fall Fest weekend featuring rides, games, food, and laugher.   The location of this awesome tradition is in Petrick Park and it starts at 7 AM to 6 PM. The fun can’t stop!

  The biggest hits at this festival are the Zipper, Ring of Fire, Ferris Wheel, Typhoon, Galaxy 3,000, Yo-Yo, Bumper Cars and The Huge Slide, Bull Riding Competition, and the Parade. There’s also face painting, popcorn, and many different types of food stands such as barbeque,funnel cake, and deep fried goodies. There are people selling sweets, games, jewelry, dreamcatchers, clothing, hats. etc. Everyone has a smile and is laughing.

  Fall Festival was last weekend, but you must hurry because the time has come to have fun.  Come and join the fun! The best part of The Harvest Fest is that you can hang out with your friends all day, with tickets and/or all-day passes. This is Pahrump,This is our community.


Fall Fest weekend was and still is the best traditions around here!!!