Mercy For The Unfortunate

”The world's hunger is becoming ridiculous. There are more fruits in the rich man's shampoo than on a poor man's plate.” -Unknown


This shows a single mother with her two young children living on the streets.

Alyssa Greenway, Journalist

Christmas and Thanksgiving is all about family. It’s a time where people gather to eat food and to visit with people they haven’t seen all year. This is also a time to be thankful and show love to those around.

   We all enjoy these times the most because of family, winter break, or even a vacation to spend with loved one; however, does anyone really think about the people and the families that are homeless or even those who can’t afford a life for their children with love, comfort, a roof or even getting presents like most traditional holidays and birthdays?

  Not being able to give the life to your children that they deserve is heartbreaking. These people try their best for their kids, even if that means nothing for them.

  According to NBCNEWS, “2.5 million kids (one in 30) were homeless last year” which is sad just to even think that so many kids are living in the streets.

  So what should we do for these people? Well to answer that, society should help the people that never had a life like most people do. Some might say they do it to themselves, but how are children going to provide for themselves if they can’t work?

  On the other hand,, there are non profit organizations that try and help as many teens, families, and children that they can. In Las Vegas, there is the Street Teens. S.T.R.E.E.T. is an acronym for our approach to helping homeless and at-risk teens. It stands for Survival, Trust, Resources, Education, Empowerment, and They as in the teens themselves.

  They provide immediate support to help them survive and  build relationships based on respect and trust. They also provide the resources needed, education and opportunities to benefit their lives.

  Another service in Las Vegas is the Children’s First organization that has vowed to address the needs of homeless and pregnant and parenting youth throughout Southern Nevada.

  But what about those who don’t get help, who don’t have anything, or don’t live within the vicinity of nonprofit organizations? Simply the right thing to do is for us as a society to help people that we can, people that are truly grateful for our services.

  A soup kitchen would even add chance and help our town to provide for those that are homeless. No one wants to be alone around the holidays, and no one wants to be on the streets in the cold. This is a time of giving, not taking, therefore we should help people around us that need it more than us.

  One service that helps provide for children in need in Pahrump, is the marine, Toys for Tots, coordinated by Frank Miller. They provide toys for children. Help this service by donating toys now! You can click the link below to be directed to their website.

  We all need to do some good in our lives and do a few good deeds. Don’t be selfish, be selfless and help these children, teens, and families in need. Together we can work and create big things! We can help other organizations by donations food, clothes, toys, and hygiene products to provide for people.