St. Nicholas isn’t coming this year, you don’t want to be on his list.

Kaili Perry, Journalist

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This is a movie of terror, humor, and it involves two holidays in one — Halloween and Christmas. It’s a perfect combination of scary and entertaining in this movie.

  This movie is under the category of Comedy, Fantasy, Action and Horror. Netflix’s rating is 3.1, out of 5 stars, Amazon’s rating is 4/5 stars, and last but not least Hulu’s ratings is 3.2 out of 5 stars. The cost to produce this spectacular movie was $15,000,000 in total for the entire screenplay.

  Krampus is a scary, but yet festive holiday, and is based on being with family. The movie is on Netflix and Amazon. I recommend it to anyone who likes Halloween and Christmas. Krampus is a movie where it is scary but hilarious at the same time. This movie represents the most magnificent time of the year, near Christmas of course.

  So, “Santa” in this movie is really creepy. He is half-goat and half-demon. He wears all black mostly, and has horns like a goat, because he is half-goat. He has antlers on his head, a torn up cloak, spikes on his back, and his face has a opened mouth-with a grey mustache- and his eyes are black.

  He has little buddies to help him out as well, gingerbread cookies that are possessed. All these toys are possessed, or demons just like Krampus himself. There are other possessed toys like clowns, flying angels, teddy bears etc.

  All these toys are possessed, or demons just like Krampus himself. The clown’s chin splits in half and a whole bunch of teeth are shown. Smile for the camera! There are people but also possessed, and they stalk this family.

  This is the Engel family, and some other friends of course, of 14 people in the entire house and their description is there are 6 girls or women and 7 guys or men, and 4 children. In total 14 people were in one house, to keep safe from the storm.

   This family is the only family on the whole block because of a terrible snow storm, moved for the holiday. They make snowmen to hide behind, and the father of the family notices it and finds it fishy.

  Krampus was released on April 26, 2016 on DVD. Also, it was rated PG-13 for the kids maybe even teens, parents do not like their children seeing stuff that they don’t want to see. Most parents don’t want to see that kind of stuff until 12 or 13, it is recommended for ages under 17. After Halloween and onto Christmas is the best time to watch this movie.

  People think that Krampus is the “ Santa Devil”, but he is a very…suspicious being.The clown  has a big caterpillar like tail and barely fits through the vents, which he climbs though to get away at the end of his tail he is a jack in the box, so there is a box at the end of his tail like substance. So, he is basically a jack in the box that eats people and runs, or slithers, off.

   In this movie the grandma knew what to do, and knew the Krampus from her past and know to get rid of him.  So, she tried to face him but he just took her and went out the window.

  We know who Krampus is, and we know what he does. We know that the family tries to survive and try to get rid of him, so that nobody else will get hurt. In this movie, friends and family fight for what they love, and what they care for.