Pahrump Trojans VS Boulder City

Eugene Harris, journalist

On January 11, 2019, Pahrump Valley Varsity girls basketball battled the Boulder City Eagles in an intense night for these basketball players.

The crowd was cheering and roaring. “Tayla Wombaker and Makayla Gent and Katelyn Daffern carried the team that night,” Coach Hopskins said. The team never gave up and was determined to win. That is what makes the team a great one.


At the beginning of the game, the lady Trojans had good defense the first two quarters but they were down 6 to 12. Once Gent took control, things improved as we caught up with points for the basketball team. She sadly missed the final shot with up to 7 seconds left but she never gave up.


Jumped balled and layups were made with 5 seconds left by Stritenberger. Eagles made two free throws. As Coach Hopskins wanted Kylie Stritenberger to take shot Makayla was there for less pressure and gent took over.


Trojans were down to 13 but came up and no one quit overall it was a stupendous game and ended with a score of 31 to 29 even though it was lost Hopskins took it well and everyone was positive.


During half time the PVHS Dance Team performed a superb hip hop performance to a mix of songs such as “Two Step” “Mic Drop” and “Humble”

The dance team did a great job and everyone on the team and everyone was on fire!

Also, the PVHS and Boulder City Eagles cheer team went all out on their routines and tricks and kept the crowd cheering.


 Now we can’t forget about our awesome band as they played a great version of the song “High Hopes” by Fall Out Boy.


To show your spirit at the game you can buy a Trojan hoodie of your size for $20 or $30 for 2, The game was awesome and everyone had fun.