Upcoming New Movies 2019

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” Joseph Campbell.


Kaili Perry, Journalist

   Movies at home are not as good as theaters because everything is better in theaters: it’s louder, has better bass, but people in theaters are sometimes loud and obnoxious during a movie.  The theaters are better because they have a bigger screen and also has adjustable chairs to fit your comfort.

  The new movie Shazam! is a DC comic and a movie that everyone will love. April 2019 is when this science-fiction movie will be released. It is about Billy, a teenage boy, who transforms himself from a teenage to a strong, buff adult by saying one word, Shazam!


 As usual, Shazam has strength, speed, and can fly. Also, he has a red suit, gold on his wrists and waist, and his cape is a bright yellow with a lightning bolt on his chest. Shazam (aka Billy) has only one enemy, Black Adam, a DC supervillain. Black Adam has a black suit with a gold lightning bolt, with his pointy ears and strong arms he is a demon-god.

  Black Adam is played by Dwayne The “Rock” Johnson. He has the strength of Amon, a demon, the wisdom of Zehuti (Thoth), the power of Aton, and the courage of Mehen. They are Greek gods, and he is the only demon Shazam is afraid of.

  Captain Marvel is another upcoming movie releasing on March 7. Marvel has a red, blue, and a gold star in the middle of her suit. She has Thor-level strength, energy projection, and she is an Airforce officer with flying experience.

  Marvel’s enemy is Venom (aka Eddie Brock). He was Spiderman, but then he became toxic, and now he is known as Venom. Venom is a liquid-like parasite, who survives by bonding with the host, thus established as Venom. Marvel got in circumstances beyond one’s control, and that made her DNA become a hybrid of human and Kree genetics. Her genetic structure made her into a superhero, because of these genetics.

  Dylon Mykee, a freshman at PVHS, stated that his most treasured superhero is Deadpool, because “he’s funny and he wears red, plus he’s like immortal and he has ninja skill.” He is “a mercenary with a mouth.” Mykee also pointed out that his least favorite hero is Superman “because he is so lame. I mean, the dude is scared of a green glowing ball.” I agree with Mykee, because a green rock is a pretty boring antagonist.

  Avengers: End Game is the movie that is coming to theaters on April 26, one of the many Marvel comics debating this year. This PG-13 movie has Ironman, Ant-man, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, Clint Barton, Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Thanos, and many more!

  This movie is soon to be the best in the series, because everything will begin to make sense. For example, when Gamora, the adopted child of Thanos, dies in Avengers: Infinity War, there is a circle like substance just to the right of her, a shield-like substance and Captain America has a shield that is circular like structure. These clues will all start coming together.

  Also, the bottom right of Gamora, there seems to be a boot similar to Captain America’s boot. It seems he was there before Gamora died. So when we watch this movie it will soon make sense. Did Thanos kill Captain America? Is Gamora really dead? Is there more to know? What are they hiding that we can’t seem to understand?

   Star Wars: Episode IX releases December 20. In total there are 9 Star Wars movies. This science-fiction movie is about “the further adventures of Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron” according to IMDB. This series has been running since 1977.    

   The upcoming movies will be awesome and take your breath away. Shazam!, Avengers: End Game, Captain Marvel, and Star Wars: Episode IX are all coming to theaters this year! So get your popcorn and 3-D glasses ready.