Valentine’s Day, the day of love

Valentine's Day, the day of love

Eugene Harris, Journalist

Valentine’s Day is the day people show their significant other, friends, or family how much they love them with flowers, chocolate, balloons or a romantic



Saint Valentine’s Day was a feast day in the Catholic religion, added to the liturgical calendar around 500 AD. The holiday is named after two priests. The holiday is somewhat controversial, because people feel you’re supposed to treat your significant other like it’s Valentine’s everyday.


Here are the pros and cons of the day of love.


  1. It is fun!!

You get to spoiled that special someone with food accessories and a lovely date with that person.


  1. It shows that they appreciate you.

Given a giant teddy bear or even just a flower can make someone feel that they are loved even as a couple there is people who feels that they aren’t loved by someone.


  1. This can be that special day

There is times that people can’t afford to spoil that special someone so Valentine’s day is the day that you can look forward to and save to get something for that someone or you can even use this day to do something big for that love one like a promposal, a announcement or even a actual proposal!.


Let’s get started with the reasons why you SHOULDN’T celebrate Valentine’s day.


  1. It is a waste of money

Spending money on this day can be a waste of time and money on a teddy bear that prices has been raised just because of this holiday and the items might not even be used after Valentine’s day.


  1. It can hurt feelings.

Seeing someone with their special someone having fun walking around in public with their Valentine’s stuff can remind someone that they don’t have a significant other or make them sad.


  1. It suppose to be that way EVERYDAY!

You suppose to treat your loved one like it’s Valentine’s everyday not just on one certain day.


Comment down below your opinion on Valentine’s day, Signing out. Eugene Harris