Severed Foot Beach


Uriel Howard, Journalist

  In the recent news, several severed feet have been found washing up on the shores in British Columbia. The first discovery of this strange body part was found on Jedediah Island, British Columbia and was associated with a male that went missing back in 2004. A mysterious case of the severed feet with multiple theories why this body part was chosen to be cut off instead of a leg, arm, or ear.

  The new year started off with the fifteenth foot washing up on the beach with help from tide on Salish Sea, Pacific Northwest, and locals came across the foot on the end of Jetty Island enclosed in a boot, but no other human remnants. But later on,  it was discovered that it belonged to Stanley Okumoto who was listed as missing in 2017.

   It is still unknown to the world how these feet are appearing everywhere and some think that the they are from victims of plane crashes or suicide victims. A deadly plane crash on Quadra Island with four men aboard haven’t been discovered; just the feet remained at the crime scene but there wasn’t any foul play. The feet were weighed down by natural decay. So where are they coming from from?

  This tormented enigma has left many Canadians wondering who had done this horrific crime, or if these severed feet are the work of a tsunami, human trafficker, mafia hitman, deranged fetishist, or serial killer.

  Barb McLintock, British Columbia’s coroner, mentioned to the Canadian news that “the feet were the work of neither strange serial killers amputating victims nor funny little aliens scattered the feet along the coastline.” Nine of the fourteen feet have been found, two on the nine to the same officer along with most of them being men, not very many women feet.

Bill Inkster, a B.C. coroner, with his team displayed all of feet that have washed up on the B.C. shores since ‘07. They found out after a while that one of the casualties had purchased a pair of size nine sneakers from Walmart back in July 2010. Inkster noticed that the rest of him might have been lower in the water. He said “Every summer, I feel like getting flippers, a mask and going down there to look for the rest of this guy.”

In B.C., Charlotte Stephens and her family sighted the 13th foot. The B.C medical examiner medical examiner, Matt Brown, quickly collected that it was human and that the person has died between March 2011 and December 2015. “Work will now continue with the Identification Unit of the BC Coroners Service, our community, and police partners to try to determine the identity of the individual concerned and a cause of death.”  Nonetheless, still no conclusions to this stomach-churning phenomenon.