The Trojan Troubadours

“Singing connected with movements and action much more ancient, and, at the same time more  complex phenomenon than is a simple song.” -Zoltan Kodaly

We sing, not to just impress but to let our heart talk

We sing, not to just impress but to let our heart talk

Kaili Perry, Journalist

Singing is when you open your heart and explore your voice. When you sing you are exploring your inner thoughts, and vocalizing them. There are four varieties of singing: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass. Soprano and Alto are female chanting forces of singing; for the males, Tenor and Bass.

  The Soprano is a high voice of singing and the Alto is a lower voice of singing, sung by females only. The Tenor is the higher voice for males along with Bass, a deep note. Their powerful singing is the boldest singing you will ever hear in your life.

  Professionals say that having a limited amount of olives before you sing will help, because you won’t get those voice cracks and it improves your singing, because you relaxed. Just nibbling on the olive helps with your voice, your throat will become moist and more effective. Olive oil works as well but the professionals say olives are better.

  Posture is also important. Slouching while singing could make you sound different, but if you have good posture your voice will carry better, and help you hit notes easier along with singing delicately.

  The creator of The Trojan Troubadours, a musical group, is Mr. Aroni, (also known as Mr. Macaroni). The director of this talented singing group stated “I think they are an opportunity for people who love to sing but can’t join music class to have fun in a group to give them an opportunity to express a talent and feel better about themselves.”

   People often can’t seem to sing and confront people. They freeze up and can’t sing, which is  commonly called “stage fright.” Stage fright is very common in many people. It is not a disease, it’s like glossophobia, a fear of talking publicly or just in general.

  Students generally get scared to speak or sing to confront to teachers or other students, nevertheless The Trojan Troubadours and the choir tuck down their fears and they sing their hearts out and express their feelings.

  The public is often judgmental on how you perform, whether playing an instrument or just discussing a current event. Social gatherings for instance have medium to large size groups of people which is very stressful by yourself, but if you’re in a choir, you feel slightly better because you’re not up there by yourself.

  The Trojan Troubadours perform and meet at the auditorium on Tuesdays and Friday to work hard. They’re trying to create tradition, and a they are having a concert/competition in May. If you or someone you know goes up stage, or just in-front of someone, and perform as a medium size group you feel more open to the crowd.   

  Dorothy Johnson, freshman at Pahrump Valley High School, said “The Troubadours are amazing and really fun. We do acapella singing and dancing because Pitch Perfect and Glee are amazing.”

  Pitch Perfect and Glee are both musical. Pitch Perfect is a movie about this acapella singing group that sing with only their voices. Glee is a musical show that Mr. Schuester where he hopes to help the kids in every way that he can, and also dreams of taking the group to nationals so they can see the world so they can sing their magical hearts out.

  You can simply just ask anyone in The Troubadours and they can get you an audition. From this point, Mr. Aroni listens and watches to see what you got and he decides if you can be in The Troubadours or not.

  If you would like, you can ask anyone in The Troubadours to get you an audition and based on Mr. Aroni. So, if you like to sing or dance ask anyone who is in The Troubadours for an audition. Don’t wait, go now before placements are minimal. Good luck guys!